July 10, 2015

Matchmaker Says: She’s Paleo, You’re A Vegan.

Dear Matchmakers: I’m in love with a woman who follows a paleo diet, but I’m a 80-10-10 low-fat raw vegan/fruitarian, so we have fruits and vegetables in common for food. We’ve talked about having children; she says we’d have to decide on the best diet between us for feeding our future kids, but I don’t think she’ll side with mine, and I won’t side with her diet. We’ve also both stated that we didn’t think the other was our first priority type, but I’ve come to love her anyway, and she says she possibly could fall for me in the future, but in the mean time she’s going to look for her first type, and if she doesn’t find him, she knows she can come back to me. What do we do to resolve this situation?
– Magician type Changer

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