Creating Space to Receive Love

The key is to notice and be aware of your internal sorting process, and at the same time, be courteous and grateful to the date for offering you these realizations. In this sense, there is never actually a “bad date” because they are all offering you very useful data and intel for your life and relationship creation process…

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Matchmaker Says: Judge Not

Matchmaker Cynthia shared this story with the team about her client, D.C., last week and we felt it contained a valuable lesson for all those undergoing the processes of dating…

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Matchmaker Says: What is Love?

This week’s question: What is Love? What does it feel like?

Matchmaker Melody says:

Wow… I think philosophers, psychologists, theologians and researchers of all kinds have been grappling with this one for thousands of years…

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Marriage Market Takeover

“Sheng Nu” literally translates to “Leftover woman.”

Today, Chinese women face immense pressure to get married before they turn 27. In many Chinese cities, so called marriage markets are a common sight, where parents go to post and match personal ads. A number of brave Chinese women have finally stood up to speak their mind against society’s labels and their parents’ pressures…

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The Intricacies of Playing “Hard To Get”

We have been performing the cat and mouse act with potential mates for centuries. While many argue the art of being enigmatic and demur is attractive–do we really know that is true?

Stanford PhD Jayson Jia, and his associates, embarked on a scientific expedition to determine whether this widely accepted dating practice was actually bona fide…

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Matchmaker Says: Be Open-Minded

Matchmaker Boon sent this video out to the team with the subject line: “Oh, the relevance.”

We couldn’t agree more. Watch One Girl Design Her Perfect Guy, And Then Meet Him. It’s smart, playful and revelatory…

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The Staggering Research On Choosing Mates

E. Jean Carroll occasionally drops a line to the team with a little inspiration or interesting tidbit of research. Aren’t we a lucky bunch?! Her last token to us was a collection of the latest research on all things amour. Enjoy…

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