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Matchmaker Says: She’s Paleo, You’re A Vegan.

Dear Matchmakers: I’m in love with a woman who follows a paleo diet, but I’m a 80-10-10 low-fat raw vegan/fruitarian, so we have fruits and vegetables in common for food. We’ve talked about having children; she says we’d have to decide on the best diet between us for feeding our future kids, but I don’t think she’ll side with mine, and I won’t side with her diet. We’ve also both stated that we didn’t think the other was our first priority type, but I’ve come to love her anyway, and she says she possibly could fall for me in the future, but in the mean time she’s going to look for her first type, and if she doesn’t find him, she knows she can come back to me. What do we do to resolve this situation?
– Magician type Changer

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The Most Common Things I Hear as a Matchmaker (and What I’m Not Afraid to Tell You)

1. “I want someone magical.”

We all want to meet someone magical. Someone who triggers dreams of doughy-eyed, fairy tale romance. However, I do believe actively seeking magic blemishes the whole meeting and mating experience. “Seeking magical beings” not only sounds like a shady leprechaun scam on Craigslist, but also is associated with the type of people who will watch a magic trick and spend the entire time trying to predict the performer’s every move and thus, miss out on the thrill of discovery…

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The Origin Story, NYC

Gotham. Metropolis. NYC. The super-dater who chooses this city has great responsibility ahead of him or her. There’s never a dull moment and a “date” can happen anywhere; standing on a corner in the east village or sitting next to someone on the subway. Fair warning, there will be trials and you may have to jump a few rooftops before you find your dazzling someone. New Yorkers have to be savvy. It takes the strength and stamina of a superhero to make it here. So come on Batman, let’s go find your Batgirl, Robin, Poison Ivy or…whoever it is you’re looking for…

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Got To Believe In Something: “Something” by The Beatles/James Brown

I’ve always loved love songs. They make magic. They affirm belief in fate. They outline a divine plan that guides our love lives, pushing us through the wrong relationships and inexorably toward the arms of “the one.” Love songs accept love at first sight as a fact (I’m not sold on this particular theme). Regardless, they give us hope. That’s what gives them power.

My “love song” story is about the first time I saw a photography student whose name isn’t really Thomas. I was a freshman in college, at a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show…

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Welcome To Heartalytics

Tawkify has officially entered the blogosphere.

On a daily basis, our talented team shares incredible stories from the front lines of our work as weavers of love: invaluable insights about sticky relationship issues, our treasured clients and the nuanced art and science we practice known as Matchmaking. What emerges around our water cooler is a tableau of contemporary dating culture that’s begging to be shared. So I am pleased to be able to share it with you through our new blog, Heartalytics.

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