Dating Instruction Roundup, Volume III

There is a profound authenticity to meeting someone as you are – as they are – for the first time – especially when you least expect it. In that moment you are discovering another person, figuring out in realtime who they are and – if you’re lucky – sensing that mysterious alchemy of burgeoning interest, maybe attraction…

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What Is “Manhood” To The Modern Man?

Manhood is loosely defined. The simple definition pinpoints qualities such as strength and courage as indicators of manhood. But…are we discussing a strong physical body or strength of character? Courage in the face of environmental danger or emotional grit…

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Dating Instruction Roundup, Volume II

Attraction is surely a fickle beast, but science has proven that intelligence attracts– and humor implies intelligence. Geoffrey Miller and Dr. Gil Greengross’s recent paper on the importance of humor in mating, asserts that humor is indeed an indicator of mate quality and mental fitness…

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Should You Pursue a Person…or a Relationship?

When going out into the world (or, more often, the internet) to seek love and companionship, most of us decide to date someone based on how they make us feel, or based on attributes we seek in someone else. Most of us don’t think about the relationship we want. We think about the person we want, and, once we find them, assume a lasting relationship will organically take shape from there…

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Dear sir,

It has been brought to our attention that you have encountered difficulties while navigating the San Francisco dating scene. You find the process deeply upsetting, confusing, and ultimately unknowable. Your efforts to increase intimacy in order to mitigate your overwhelming sense of loneliness have been met with seemingly insurmountable obstacles such as…

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What Did Your Parents Teach You About Relationships?

Countless studies indicate that our parents influence us in many ways – some we don’t even realize – in terms of how our perspective on adult relationships are formed. Are your parents together or divorced. In either case, were they happy with their decisions, or not so much…

How about you?

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The Origins of Hookup Culture

Last week, The Washington Post featured an article by John Birger discussing the prevailing culture of casual hook ups and its present-day mascot–Tinder. According to Birger, the sexualized dating culture is symptomatic of shifting demographics among college graduates.

This supply-and-demand explanation only paints a partial picture, however. A deeper dive into American demographic data renders this “dating crisis” increasingly unnerving…

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