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3 Essential Qualities For A Winning Partnership

In this post, I’ll provide quick tips on what to keep in mind when assembling your own "all-star" teammate(s) in both business and romance...

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It’s time to rally your starting five!

Think back to when you were a kid at recess playing four-square or kick ball. There were always team captains who strategically collected their teammates — keeping in mind certain desirable qualities as the team took shape. This is exactly what today’s theme is all about! In this post, I’ll provide quick tips on what to keep in mind when assembling your own “all-star” teammate(s) in both business and romance.

In business…

  • SHARED PASSION First things first — they must exhibit passion for what you’re doing. People are more productive when they feel passionate about something. You want business partners that are committed to the cause. 
  • DIVERSITYYour individual teammates should be diverse in terms of their skill sets. If you have 5 incredible writers and no one to handle art direction, you’ll have words on paper with no imagery. You’re going to need to accomplish different tasks, and having teammates with expertise and passion for those varied tasks is essential!

    Note: Diverse skill-sets within romantic relationships is also quite valuable. Anyone with children, active careers (or really any adult that has responsibilities), can appreciate the phrase: “Divide and conquer.” 


    Lastly, consider the combined networks of your teammates. Can you utilize these networks to increase your reach? Your reach should be multiplied by the reach of your colleagues.

In romance…


    It’s important to first identify your own pillars of purpose.

    These are the core values that you live by and that guide your decisions in each area of your life. When connecting with a potential romantic partner, having tactical knowledge of these core values will help you assess compatibility.


    This is a KEY ingredient to establishing and maintaining a successful relationship. Both parties should be open to sharing their desires and frustrations — and work (kindly) toward solutions when disagreements arise. The regular application of transparent honesty and open communication ensures you’re always functioning as a team.


    Considering that fact that perfection is nonexistent, it’s vital that you recognize when your potential partner is displaying imperfections vs. red flags. When you notice qualities about your mate that are simply quirks or annoyances, consider what that reaction is trying to teach you. Really try to uncover why their behavior bothers you to the extent that it does.

    Quickly then, turn your attention to what you are wanting to experience more of and the qualities that you adore about your companion and remind yourself of those often…you don’t want insignificant things to destroy your union. On the other hand, there are absolutely red flags that should have you turning tail to run in the other direction. Here’s a great resource to help you differentiate between “imperfections” and red flags.

Marisha Dixon
Matchmaker + Executive Coach 

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