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Data Reveals The Best Day To Date

Everyone knows picking the “right” venue is crucial on a first date. But when you plan a date might be just as important...

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We’re fascinated by contemporary dating culture, so it should come as no surprise that we often use our own data to conduct mini research projects. Tawkify CEO, Kenneth Shaw, recently crunched the numbers to determine the best day and time to plan dates. The Observer picked up his research and published an article about it (you can read that here), but we also wanted to share our take on the data. Enjoy!

Everyone knows picking the “right” venue is crucial on a first date. But when you plan a date might be just as important!

Our data revealed that Tuesday is the best day of the week to plan a date… (at least if you’d like a second date). Lunch on a Saturday isn’t a bad time, either.

So, how did we get these numbers? We pulled stats on 1000 dates and compared the “outcome” of said dates by the day (and time of day) to determine which yielded the most successful matches.

Successful matches = those which resulted in both parties being interested in seeing each other again. And these pairings happened more often on Tuesdays than any other day of the week.

So long Friday night!

So, it turns out that when you schedule a date actually makes a difference in the outcome! If you find this surprising, you’re not alone. Tawkify Co-Founder, E. Jean Carroll, was too. She predicted that Thursday would beat out the other days of the week:

“You’re anticipating the weekend. Pressure is low on Thursdays as you head into the weekend. I imagine Sunday might rank high as well. Sunday is cool and relaxed. You’re going for a walk. You’re happily indulging in a 3 hour brunch. For high powered people, Sunday is the one day they will likely take off.”

As it turns out, singles may want to reconsider the standard Friday/Saturday evening date slots if they want to date more successfully. 

We discovered quite a bit about time of day as well! The Tawkify study shows that Tuesday, after 6 pm, is best for date planning (by .6% over Saturday, the second best day of the week).

Dates planned on Tuesday evenings turned out favorably 25% more often than those in the afternoon. Saturdays proved second best, with lunchtime dates 23% more successful than those on Saturday nights.

E. Jean Carroll, in response to these results:

“Seeing the data – it does make sense. People expect romance on a Saturday night, which can lead to higher pressure and expectations. High expectations often lead to disenchantment.”

Date on brave singletons!


Team Tawkify

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