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Matchmaking Services: What to Expect

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Curious about matchmaking services? Read about what to expect, how it works and tips for making the most of your experience.

Dating with the intent to find a committed partner can seem like a thankless process.

You spend hours swiping on dating apps without finding a good lead. When you do locate potential matches, you might find yourself going on countless dates that lead to nowhere. Meeting a friend of a friend can be even less promising when you discover the two of you share very little chemistry. After a while, the journey to quality partnership can start to feel like a chore. You may even feel like giving up on the idea of finding the right partner.

Hiring a professional matchmaker opens your world to a different level of potential. They help you save time and make the dating process enjoyable. You get access to vetted matches that are reviewed by a person who is interested in your success. Are you ready?

Here’s what you can expect from high quality matchmaking services like Tawkify and how you can benefit.

A vetted screening process

A lot of the joy is taken out of the dating process using online platforms and dating apps. Screening potential matches can be a full time job. It can also set you up for heightened feelings of rejection that affect your mental health.

With a matchmaker, this stress is taken off your shoulders. Each individual who signs up to use Tawkify goes through our comprehensive screening process. This is done to ensure the dating pool available to you offers high quality matches. Our team evaluates and analyzes all applicants to ensure the best possible outcome. Not all applicants are accepted to our service and we only take on individuals who meet our specified criteria.

A faster potential matching process

Hiring a professional matchmaker saves you time and helps make the journey to relationship success enjoyable. Our matchmakers talk with all our clients to get to know them on a deeper level. When you’re matched together, it’s because your matchmaker sees you share similar values and relationship goals. This streamlines the dating process. No more coffee dates or movie nights with someone who isn’t actually looking for a serious, committed relationship from the same vantage point you are.  You can go on fewer dates that are of higher quality and find your best match faster.

No setting up a profile or sharing pictures with strangers

A matchmaking service like Tawkify does gather information about your relationship goals and interests as do other dating platforms. The difference is, with matchmaking you don’t have to do the work of creating your own profile.

Once your pertinent information is gathered, your matchmaker plans a curated date for you with a good match. You’ll meet for the first time. After this first date, you will both share feedback on the experience with your matchmaker. If the match isn’t right, your matchmaker will consider your comments. They’ll adjust what to look for in the next person. This means you don’t need to share pictures with anyone and all your initial communication is done through your matchmaker.

You can expect your matchmaker to:

  • Schedule an initial phone call to get to know you
  • Conduct an introductory assessment
  • Review your relationship goals
  • Talk with you about your relationship history
  • Consider your geographic needs
  • Learn your key preferences
  • Discuss your expected time commitment
  • Consider your financial investment
  • Contact you for an introductory meeting

Your matchmaker truly has your relationship success at heart.

A human-based touch

Computers are great at some things but let’s face it: they’re missing a human touch. Dating apps are based on algorithms and the knowledge of numeric data. Human matchmakers add that personal touch you need.

Tawkify’s matchmakers are dedicated to learning everything about you to find your best match. Your relationship history and partnership goals are considered. Elusive qualities that are hard to translate into hard data are also taken into account. This helps the magic happen!

Via a human touch, Tawkify looks for the right elements to spark a long term relationship you’ll love. We typically create successful relationships within 9 to 12 matches and have an 80% success rate.

A financial commitment

Unlike regular online dating platforms and apps, you invest in a matchmaking service. This means you pay to access the services. As some clients have said, you invest in a home and may pay someone to help you design and build it. Why not put money towards finding the best life partner?

Tawkify has several levels of dating to which you can commit. You can pay a lower fee to be part of our exclusive database. A higher monthly investment gives you access to a single, handpicked, curated date each month. You can decide how involved you wish to be with the matchmaking service and change this at any time.

Start your journey to relationship success

Our Matchmakers can help you find the right person. Contact Tawkify and make your journey to romance easier and more fulfilling.

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