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The Tawkify Process: A Client’s Perspective

Lately, the team has been challenged with the concept of "reviews." It's a bit unnatural for us to occupy the "review" space, as one of Tawkify's main cornerstones is client privacy. We don't want our client's to compromise their privacy to share about their experiences. However, we recognize that reviews are an integral component in the decision-making process as people consider working with us...

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We are asked, quite frequently, how Tawkify is different. As editor, I receive this type of question most commonly through our Ask page. However, all of my colleagues (from Matchmakers to Member Services team members) have been asked this exact question too many times to count. And let’s be honest, there are thousands of dating services, matchmakers and online dating sites to choose from–so OF COURSE this question would be asked. 

Lately, the team has been challenged with the concept of “reviews.” It’s a bit unnatural for us to occupy the “review” space, as one of Tawkify’s main cornerstones is client privacy. We don’t want our clients to compromise their privacy to share about their experiences; yet most review sites discard anonymous reviews, or reviews from new users. However, we recognize that reviews are an integral component in the decision-making process as people consider working with us. 

So, what gives? How do we engage in the review space and still be true to ourselves? 

Last week, a couple of our clients were kind enough to write-in about what their experiences with Tawkify have been like. My first instinct upon reading these accounts, was that…

…people need to hear this! 

These accounts capture what we do perfectly. More than that–they capture the sense of purpose and responsibility everyone at Tawkify feels for our clients, members and recruits. THIS MATTERS TO US and these “reviews” communicate that dedication.

Without further ado:

G.L., NJ, Client:

I have been using Tawkify for the past few months and the experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. I would classify this review into 3, the service, the matchmaking, the results.

The Service: Tawkify’s matchmaker who I have been working with (Olivia) is extremely insightful and perceptive.  After an extremely in depth face-to-face interview she set me up on a number of dates and immediately afterwards we had a post mortem so that Olivia can learn, understand, and surmise about what worked and what didn’t work.

Olivia has since not only accepted and assimilated by comments but she has also been challenging me, expanding my horizons and changing my approach to dating (which was required and extremely appreciated). Olivia is not only a matchmaker, she is also a dating coach, a friend and her extreme natural insightfulness make her perfect for this job. It is important to note that it’s not just a service of “let me set you up with another single person”, Olivia takes into account everything and when a potential match is proposed she explains why she thinks this will work. I also have some very limiting circumstances which made online dating no a suitable option for me and now with Tawkify the filtering is done on my behalf.

The Matchmaking: The system works and works well.  I have met more quality women in the past few months that I have in the past few years. The key here is quality. The people who are clients are serious people who are looking for a relationship. I can’t stress enough that excluding the quantity element, almost every single woman I met was a high quality match who I don’t think I would of met in other circumstances.

The Results: I have yet to find “the one” but have asked to freeze my membership twice since relationships have blossomed and we wanted to see where they would go.   I am always eager to meet the next match that Olivia has setup for me and I’m sure that “the one” will be

J.M., CO, Client:

Tawkify is amazing. I’ve tried several other dating services, and I found Tawkify to be a very fun and personalized option for me. A nice change! Individually selected matches, friendly support, very timely service, interesting date options, and very reasonably priced. The only downside for me is that they aren’t local in my city, so my matchmaker had to identify each match for me personally. It took a little longer that way (about one date a month), but it was very interesting and enjoyable. It was great!

G.C., NY, Client:

I moved to NYC about a year ago, and I knew that dating here would be a challenge. Then along comes Tawkify! They were like angels sent from heaven! I have never encountered more kind, compassionate, helpful and fun group of people. Every single one of the matchmakers is outstanding! They really care about my dating experience and I have not been on a bad date yet!! They do this dating thing right. There is no way that I would try to navigate the NYC dating scene on my own. If you want quality dates – Tawkify!

Thank you G.L., J.M., G.C., and to all the other clients who wrote reviews for us in these last couple of weeks. We feel supported and loved–and we hope you do too!


Valerie, Heartalytics Editor & Team Tawkify

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