Angie Lee

Matchmaker Says: To Tell or Not To Tell

The relationship with your matchmaker is unlike any other in your life. There is trust, respect, camaraderie–yes. But, you are not friends in the traditional sense. You are working together to achieve a very serious and important goal…so what does that really look like…

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The Most Common Things I Hear as a Matchmaker (and What I’m Not Afraid to Tell You)

1. “I want someone magical.”

We all want to meet someone magical. Someone who triggers dreams of doughy-eyed, fairy tale romance. However, I do believe actively seeking magic blemishes the whole meeting and mating experience. “Seeking magical beings” not only sounds like a shady leprechaun scam on Craigslist, but also is associated with the type of people who will watch a magic trick and spend the entire time trying to predict the performer’s every move and thus, miss out on the thrill of discovery…

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