Dating Instruction Roundup

Dating Instruction Roundup XII

John asked: “Am I just too ugly to get a date?” While brief, I think we can all relate to John’s self-doubt and frustration on some level — or at some point in our lives (awkward pre-teen years anybody?)…

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Dating Instruction Roundup XI

Summer is creeping up on us and things are heating up out there! This month we’re focusing on an article from last July that many of our readers found particularly useful: Matchmaker Says: How To Make The First Move, where an expert panel of Matchmakers took on the first move topic and offered up their best advice…

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Dating Instruction Roundup X

Who says you can’t be friends with someone you’re attracted to – you can. And who says you have to have sex with everyone you’re attracted to – you shouldn’t…

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Dating Instruction Roundup VIII

Relationships aren’t fun. They’re an inherently not-fun thing you do with someone whom you often have fun with. Just as light is both a particle and a wave, lasting love is a choice as much as it is a feeling…

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Dating Instruction Roundup VII

Unconditional, radical acceptance of each other — regardless of what anyone else thinks — may create deeper intimacy than socially-constructed commitments…

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Dating Instruction Roundup VI

Because however exciting a new crush can be, making every effort to stay grounded is important too. In the early stages of a relationship, you can be at risk for “losing” yourself, and also for missing or dismissing cues (or warning signs) with implications to your potential long-term compatibility with this person…

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Dating Instruction Roundup V

A 2013 Gallup Poll indicated that while most Americans hoped someday to marry–if they hadn’t already –as many as 25% had no interest in ever doing so, concluding that marriage’s popularity is…

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Dating Instruction Roundup IV

They found that women generally felt more connected if a man took active interest in their conversation, by focusing on her and chiming in to ask questions about what she was saying – interrupting, but in a good way. Women also liked it when men laughed right after they did, and when they said complimentary things. Men, on the other hand…

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