Diana Helmuth

Should You Pursue a Person…or a Relationship?

When going out into the world (or, more often, the internet) to seek love and companionship, most of us decide to date someone based on how they make us feel, or based on attributes we seek in someone else. Most of us don’t think about the relationship we want. We think about the person we want, and, once we find them, assume a lasting relationship will organically take shape from there…

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Love Science: 2 Traits of Lasting Love

Science says lasting relationships come down to 2 basic traits…

Business Insider recently published an article based on the findings of Psychologist John Gottman’s 40-year study of relationships and marriage. Interestingly, this topic of study wasn’t widely examined until the 1970s when the rate of divorce suddenly spiked to unprecedented levels. Gottman was one of the early researchers in the field — culminating over four decades of research, experimentation and analysis. And if you asked him, Gottman would tell you that healthy relationships boil down to two essential traits…

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The Skeleton Game

You are standing in a room. Paint it however you like. Change the lighting. Invite some furnishings. A lamp. A rug. Some music even. Make it relaxing. This is your safe haven. Ahhhh.

In the back of the room, there is a closet. The closet is filled with skeletons.

You hate the closet…

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Delist Your Love Life

There is a common myth frequently harbored by those seeking love: it’s dangerous, it’s misleading, and it masquerades itself as discernment.

This article is for every one of you who’ve declared: “I know what I want.”

Well…no, you don’t…

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What Women Really Want

Don’t worry, this is not a bait-and-switch headline. I’m going to tell you what women really want. And men too, while we’re at it. I’m writing on behalf of a matchmaking company, after all. Lean in.

What women (and men) really want is…

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