Kenneth Shaw

Happy New Year!

As we welcome 2016, let’s celebrate love! Cheers to all who have found it, and all who still seek.

Best wishes,

Kenneth Shaw, CEO and all of your friends at Tawkify

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Welcome To Heartalytics

Tawkify has officially entered the blogosphere.

On a daily basis, our talented team shares incredible stories from the front lines of our work as weavers of love: invaluable insights about sticky relationship issues, our treasured clients and the nuanced art and science we practice known as Matchmaking. What emerges around our water cooler is a tableau of contemporary dating culture that’s begging to be shared. So I am pleased to be able to share it with you through our new blog, Heartalytics.

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Let’s see if you’re are a match

We only accept candidates we believe we can match, or your money back.