Marisha Dixon

3 Maxims For A Mindful New Year

Late Friday night I took an unconventional approach to ringing in the New Year. I grabbed a few things to keep warm, snack-on and write with for a 48-hour silent meditation retreat in the desert…

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I’ve Been Exploring Open Relationships

I was never the Cinderella girl. I cannot recall ever being fascinated with the idea of wearing a big white dress, a fancy wedding — kids, maybe. But the idea of “marriage” never really mattered to me…

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Best of: National Singles Week

If you missed National Singles Week, don’t panic! We have all the major takeaways and top-tips from the week summarized in a handy guide right here on Heartalytics…

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Let It Go: A Guided Meditation

Whether you’re a beginner or pro-level meditation junkie, I’ve put together a “Let It Go” guided meditation for you to practice the calming effects of moving into a true state of surrender…

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Upcoming: National Singles Week

Romance is exalted in every corner of the globe, but to create a sense of equality, promotion of National Singles Week (observed during the third full week of September) began in Ohio in the 1980s to celebrate societal contributions made by singles…

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