Olivia Balsinger

Solo Trip Series: Cuba

Our very own wander woman, Olivia Balsinger, details her solo travels across the globe as a model for us to follow. Next stop? Cuba…

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Solo Trip Series: A Baltic Seabourn Quest

Welcome to the Solo Trip Series — where we encourage independence, inspire wayfaring and embolden singletons to shake off their shackles and hit the road!

Our next stop? A 7 day journey through the Baltics aboard the glamorous Seabourn Quest…

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Solo Trip Series: Boston

Our very own wander woman, Olivia Balsinger, will detail her own solo travels across the globe as a model for us to follow. Enjoy (and take note) as she details tips on lodging, food, activities and even a little history…

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Kauai Through Local Eyes

Sometimes you learn the most about a destination because you let yourself be vulnerable and live enough in the moment to meet someone who can share a local perspective…

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Matchmaker Says: Cut The Small Talk

Are you tired of talking about the weather?

Boston based Matchmaker, Kenzie, reached out to the whole Tawkify team after reading this New York Times article about asking bigger questions on first dates. She was inspired by the notion of starting more profound conversations when getting to know a potential romantic partner, but also when meeting people for the first time in general. In her words…

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