The Question Series

The Truth Behind Miss-Matched Couples

While there are all kinds of variations within partners, mixed-attractiveness couples do go somewhat against the grain. We’re often cautioned that real beauty is found within, but good looks are among the more highly rated characteristics in what people say they want in a romantic partner. And in general, couples tend to be more similar in many respects…

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Is It Right Or Is It Wrong?

Since we’re in the professional matchmaking business, we run into a lot of different people with interesting stories about their past relationships. Something that we try to remind them is it’s one thing to be in a relationship–it’s something else entirely to be in one that is right for them…

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The Truth Behind The “Holiday Breakup Epidemic”

We assumed the whole “holiday break up epidemic” rhetoric was… just that. That the allegedly higher probability of couples splitting like wishbones from a turkey… if you’ll pardon the simile… around the holiday season was more of a Hollywood thing, and anecdotal urban myth more than a statistically solid phenomena…

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Should You Be Alone Under The Mistletoe?

If you’re a dater, or in a newish relationship, the holiday social circuit poses a certain dilemma: To bring the new guy/gal or not to bring. Should you bring a plus one who isn’t your regular squeeze or committed partner to “your” holiday events?…

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A Blessing Or A Warning

Can a life or a relationship be boiled down to a pithy one liner? Could any of your past relationships be characterized in this way? And if so, who decides in retrospect? Does it boil down to choice or interpretation, or both…

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What Did Your Parents Teach You About Relationships?

Countless studies indicate that our parents influence us in many ways – some we don’t even realize – in terms of how our perspective on adult relationships are formed. Are your parents together or divorced. In either case, were they happy with their decisions, or not so much…

How about you?

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