The Wayfaring Dater

Wayfaring Dater: Dallas

Strap on your boots and pull out your high intensity hairspray–we’re tackling dating in the big ‘D’! 

Dallas has a great sense of appreciation for different cultures and the arts. If you have a pioneering spirit and you like the heat, this is your city. Don’t shy away from looking for a two-step partner to step out with here. Even though Texas is riddled with stereotypical types, there really is someone for everyone here; it’s not all gun-strapping men and busty blondes…

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The Origin Story, NYC

Gotham. Metropolis. NYC. The super-dater who chooses this city has great responsibility ahead of him or her. There’s never a dull moment and a “date” can happen anywhere; standing on a corner in the east village or sitting next to someone on the subway. Fair warning, there will be trials and you may have to jump a few rooftops before you find your dazzling someone. New Yorkers have to be savvy. It takes the strength and stamina of a superhero to make it here. So come on Batman, let’s go find your Batgirl, Robin, Poison Ivy or…whoever it is you’re looking for…

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