‘Tis The Season: Surviving Romance During The Holidays

3 simple solutions to make it through the holiday season regardless of your relationship status...

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it can be equally daunting for singles and those in relationships. Natasha McCrea, Founder of Love CEO Institute sits down with Tawkify Matchmaker, Marisha Dixon, to discuss how to redefine and hold fast to your relationship vision in quarter four. Natasha suggests 3 simple solutions to make it through the holiday season regardless of your relationship status.

Don’t miss Natasha’s Holiday savvy checklist below ☟

Natasha’s Holiday Savvy Checklist

Before you go down the rabbit hole of holiday chaos I want you to set-up a few self-care precautions for yourself by implementing a bit of love and boundaries.

Limit your time with toxic people. If you don’t feel like you can skip the events that make you feel bad (which I would recommend), then have an arrival and departure time scheduled. Plan it in advance and don’t let anyone guilt you as you walk out the door. Do not over stay, I guarantee you will regret it.

Schedule self-care time. Literally put it on the calendar. Don’t wait until you’re totally depleted to schedule self-care time, because most of the time you might be so depleted you won’t even do it.

Be intentional with your self-care. If that means scheduling a spa day or a DIY spa day at home. Do it. If you don’t usually take baths. Schedule one in. Schedule a brunch with girlfriends or a trip to the beach or a botanical gardens. Nature has a way of replenishing most people.

Be okay with exactly where you are at this very moment. If your schedule is so full you can’t make a party or spend hours Christmas shopping, be okay with that and don’t stretch yourself thin to do it. If it’s not in your budget to buy everyone a gift. Be okay with getting them a card or a beautifully hand written note of appreciation. Unapologetically do you, and I’m not talking about the puffed up you. I mean the you of this very moment.

Redefine the Holidays for yourself. I learned this years ago in counseling and I carried it with me and I encourage my clients to do the same. If there is something in your life that doesn’t bring you joy because of your expectation of the experience, then redefine what that experience is supposed to be. For example Christmas morning may send you into a depression because its not sitting around a tree unwrapping gifts the way you think it should happen. Now is the time change how you believe Christmas morning should be. Make it happen in a new way.  Instead of opening and wrapping gifts maybe you can vision board and set your intentions for the new year. Redefine it for yourself.

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