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I started Tawkify in 2012. Why? Online dating apps were so time-consuming. It was rare to actually meet your match in real life and folks never turned out to be who they said they were. On the flipside, traditional matchmaking options were so expensive - typically over $50k.

As a tech visionaire from Stanford, previously worked at Microsoft and One Kings Lane, I knew we could combine human insight and data / tech to allow an iterative process that ensures each real-life date gets you closer if not already to finding your counterpart.

With over 100,000 strong matches, a passionate team of over 300 and over nine years of R&D, Tawkify is excited to provide you a personal dating experience backed by crazy tech to make an impact on your love life. For a limited time, take advantage of our free screening with one of our experts today and experience dating as it should be.

Kenneth Shaw
Co-Founder & CEO

Kenneth Shaw


Kenneth Shaw

Previously, he led Excel and Office Labs at Microsoft as their Product Planner. He created My Purity Test, a Facebook App in the relationship space that was ranked top 30 for most users by Tim O’Reilly. He drove growth and strategy at One Kings Lane as their Principal Imagineer. He graduated from Stanford in ’07, where he served on the Stanford Board of Trustees. He’s a geek, a black belt in Hapkido, and possesses such a sunny disposition he makes a basket of puppies look depressed.

Kellie Ammerman


Kellie Ammerman

She was previously the VP Finance at Thiel Capital. She led data for business operations, capital markets, and servicing teams at LendingHome and finance at Founders Fund. She graduated with Summa Cum Laude and has a Masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. She currently drives data and operations that makes the dating experience effortless for our clients.

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