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What Are The 4 Stages of Love?

Learn about why people lie in a relationship. Experts Ellyn Bader and Dr. Pete Pearson from Couples Institute discuss about their recent book, dive into nitty-gritties of when couples start drifting apart.

Matchmaking in LGBTQ Communities

Tawkify matchmaker Karmen Paley dives into what a healthy relationship looks like, what we can find together in the LGBTQ community, and if there's a stigma in finding a professional for finding love.

The Love and Astrology Connection

Is chemistry defined by astrology? Matchmaker Rebecca Gordon talks about how people are attracted to each other and how to find whether they are being authentic with you on a date.

Sex, Intimacy, and Body Equality

All things sex, love and intimacy to help you spice things up emotionally and physically and get you ready for a full connection. Plus find our more about love in all sizes.

Discovering Dating Chemistry

Find out what chemistry is in dating, and how to develop relationship chemistry overtime. What's the different between lust and love and how to attract sustainable sexy.

Sex, Intimacy, and Body Equality

Find out about dating and matchmaking in the African American community and the challenges many people in the community face when it comes to finding love and seeking help.

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