What “Little Things” Mean A LOT to You?

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    The Huffington Post recently published an article entitled “11 Small Things You Can Do In A Marriage That Make A Big Difference.” Some tidbits? A long hug. Telling your spouse (specifically) why you love them. Sharing inside jokes.

    In our experience working with thousands of daters and countless successful Tawkify-forged couples, little things do, indeed, tend to mean a lot. Getting a “Good morning, Beautiful/Handsome” text as you’re getting ready for work, or an impromptu greeting card “just because”… or playing footsie with your date under a table at your favorite coffee spot, just to connect undercover, can go a long way in strengthening feelings of attachment and contentment.

    It’s not that the “big” occasions don’t warrant special attention. Most people appreciate a well-thought out Holiday gift or an over-the-top Birthday surprise, but in the moment… for the rest of the year… what gestures and caring actions — in your opinion — convey caring, and help foster a consistent feeling of being cherished and happily attached?

    If you’re currently in a relationship, what are some of the little things that you like your partner to do for you? If you’ve recently ended a relationship, what are some of the little things that you miss or what are some of the little things that they overlooked that led to a feeling of disconnection in your relationship?

    Do you think of “the little things” when ruminating on the wish list characteristics of your ideal partner when you’re not in a relationship? Is someone who pays attention to this sort of thing the kind of person you’d like to be with?

    We’re interested in your perspective. Don’t worry that your “little things” might seem silly or inconsequential. To us, there really is no such thing.  Anything that makes you smile, anything that makes you blush, anything that makes you feel truly special to the person who feels special to you… that’s what it’s all about in our book.


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