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What Would You Say… if you had the chance?

Team TawkifyTeam Tawkify
Team Tawkify
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Published in A Broken Heart 


    This month, the website, The Good Men Project, featured pieces from two guest writers, Patrick Sallee and Arianna Jeret. Patrick wrote “An Open Letter to the Woman I Want,” and Arianna wrote “An Open Letter to the Man I Want.” Here’s what they’d have to say… if they had the chance:

    From Patrick:
    “A lot has happened since I got divorced…a  lot that maybe shouldn’t have…and a lot more that taught me what to look for, what to wait for and how to see it. I needed most of it. To see this.

    If you want to hold how I’ve handled being single against me, that’s obviously your choice. But when you showed up things were different. None of that stuff mattered. Since I realized the potential with us, life has been different. You are incredible. Gorgeous, smart, engaging, fun and kind. I want to be around you. I want you in my life.”

    From Arianna:
    “At heart, though, I am still the sweet girl looking for a man who will keep me safe. I don’t need you to take care of me, provide for me, fight my battles for me — any of that. But I do want you to want to do those things, while respecting me enough to know I can do them for myself. Honestly, I would prefer we each do them for each other.

    I know who I am now, and I don’t need anyone to validate that for me. But I am also scared that who I am and the challenges I do face will send you running for the hills. My life is not easy and my situation gets complicated. It can be A LOT. Of everything.

    Raw. Human. Real. All of the things that are needed in order for a relationship to be truly genuine.”

    How do these “open letters” hit you?  If you were to pen an open letter to the future man or woman of your dreams, what would you say? What would you really want them to know… beyond the niceties and things you think they’d want to hear, what “raw, human, real” stuff about you do you secretly wish they could know… and then love you anyway?

    Care to share some of your thoughts with us? You never know who might be reading.


    Team Tawkify

    Art by Jeremy Lipking

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