What Do You Really LIKE About Being Single?

If you’re reading our blog, being that we’re a matchmaking site ‘n’all, there’s a good chance you’re wanting to change your solo status. So asking what you enjoy most about being single may seem an odd question. But here’s the thing: when we talk to individuals currently coupled in healthy and happy relationships, something they tend to have in common is that they were pretty satisfied as singles first, then parlayed that sense of “wholeness”contented partnerships when the time was right.

While some clients admittedly come to feeling kind of miserably “alone” or unhappily uncoupled, many others really enjoy this time of their lives while searching for a most ideal other. “Single” doesn’t necessarily equate to “alone” in the mind of every singleton, and one’s perception of the challenges and opportunities inherent to going it alone for awhile appears to be somewhat, well… individual.

Walking your own road can, indeed, sometimes be lonely – especially if you feel “surrounded” by happy couples who seem to enjoy a contentedness you do not. But you might also see yourself as more free, unique, distinct or independent too. You may treasure the extra time to introspect, pursue creative projects or bond more fully with your friends and family.

After reading an article on some of the best things about being single — such as being able to date several people, or not having to do any compromising or worrying about someone else’s family members and friends; or having the time to really focus on one’s career — it got us to wondering what is most awesome about being single from your point of view.

Because once you can appreciate some of the great things about living in the moment as a single person right now, you can be patient while waiting to find ideal others who are as unique, distinct and individual you, and equally prepared to share a healthy and happy relationship.

Single – Alone. These two concepts are not synonymous. Single shaming is a real issue that many singletons experience daily- from family, coworkers and friends. So, let me clear the air: 

Your relationship status does NOT make or break your success as an individual– and anyone who says otherwise is misguided.

SO– for all of our single friends out there, we celebrate you! Tell us why you love being single. PREACH!


Team Tawkify

Art by Connor McShane

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