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Ask Renée: Plus-size And Over 50

I decided to write about my adoration of curvy women because there may be more than a few of them out there who don’t know that there are attractive men who want to date them, or lust after them … or marry them…

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Ask Renée: Who Picks Up The Check?

I mentioned before that dating is an investment…and I think we should expand on that. We’re talking about the monetary element of this, but dating is also an investment of time, effort–an investment of oneself…

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Ask Renée: Unwedded & Over 50

Isn’t it interesting that when someone has never been married and is over a certain age, we’re inclined to wonder “What’s wrong with you?” But when someone is divorced and a certain age, we typically don’t wonder the same thing…

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Ask Renée: I’m Just Not Meeting People

Q: “My problem is not that I don’t encounter attractive people or individuals that catch my attention. My problem is that I’m shy and I don’t really know how to approach people I don’t know. Any suggestions?”—Katy R.

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