9 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate

In the world of love and dating, we often hear people talking about searching for their soulmate. 

It seems we’re all on the lookout for that special someone who we’re destined to meet and fall in love with because they’re our perfect match. 

However, many of us have started wondering whether soulmates have to be those we date and marry. In fact, even Carrie Bradshaw pondered this very topic on an episode of “Sex in the City” where she mused, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with.”

So, that brings us to the topic of platonic soulmates—is there such a thing? Can our best friends be our very soulmates? Yes, absolutely! Not all soulmates have to be romantic love interests. After all, a soulmate is simply someone whom you share a deep connection with and feel fondly toward. Oftentimes, your soulmate is simply someone who just gets you. Because of this, your soulmate certainly doesn’t have to be someone you date—you can love them without being in love with them. 

What about romantic friendships? Can you fall in love with a friend who is your soulmate? Of course! In fact, friendship is a great foundation for building a romantic relationship—one that starts as platonic and grows into something stronger. 

Now, when it comes to friendship vs. romance, there is a difference. Basically, romance tends to have everything a friendship has (attachment, commitment, trust, and maybe even love), but it adds a level of intimacy and sexual attraction. Just because you deeply care for your friend and share a special bond doesn’t necessarily mean you’re destined to get married, but it could!

That said, let’s look at these nine signs that might suggest your best friend is your soulmate, regardless of whether that means it’s platonic or romantic. 

1. You Think of Each Other First

Your soulmate is the first person you want to call or text whenever something happens. Did you get a promotion at work? Then your best friend is the first one you think to call to share the good news. Did your best friend get a flat tire on the way home? Then you’re the one they call for help. Your best friend is likely your soulmate if you’re always at the top of each other’s minds. 

2. You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

Another sign that your best friend is your soulmate is if you always find yourselves finishing each other’s sentences. This just goes to show that you’re both in tune and can guess what the other is about to say, whether they’re cracking a joke or telling a story. Sometimes, it might even feel like you’re sharing the same brain! 

3. You Pick up On Each Other’s Feelings

Can your best friend just sense you’re having a bad day without you even saying anything? Or have you called your best friend up out of the blue only to realize they needed some support? Sometimes, when your best friend is your soulmate, it feels like you’re both mind readers, with the ability to sense what the other is thinking and feeling. This shows you have a strong connection that may run deeper than just plain friendship.

4. You Feel Free to Be Yourself 

If you think your best friend might be your platonic soulmate, then there’s a good chance you feel comfortable around them. This means you’re always at ease and feel like you can let it all hang out and be as raw and emotional as you want. When you’re dealing with a soulmate, you should never feel like you need to act a certain way or put on an act to make them like you. Your soulmate will love and accept you just the way you are. 

5. You’re Two Peas in a Pod

Whether it’s a romantic friendship or not, you might be soulmates if you’re always together. Soulmates often do everything together as a pair, from attending events to running mundane errands; it’s almost like you’re attached at the hip. For example, your friends and relatives might see you as a package deal—with one always comes the other. And if you happen to go somewhere solo, everyone asks where your best friend is. 

6. You Feel Comfortable Sitting in Silence Together

Your best friend might be your platonic soulmate if you’re perfectly comfortable sitting in silence together. In this case, you shouldn’t feel pressured to keep the conversation going or feel awkward that there’s a pause in the discussion. In fact, you might not even realize you’re not speaking out loud because you may have a connection that runs so deep you can practically communicate with each other without even saying a word.

7. You Support Each Other

Support is a major pillar when it comes to soulmates. No matter if you’re romantically involved or not, you and your soul mate will support each other 100% of the time. If your best friend is your number one cheerleader and shoulder to cry on, then you could certainly be in soulmate territory. This is because soulmates are always there for each other, cheering, supporting, encouraging, and lifting each other up.

8. You Always Tell Each Other the Truth

When you have a strong connection at the soulmate level with your best friend, then there’s a mutual understanding of honesty. Your best friend isn’t going to fib and tell you that outfit looks great on you when they know you have more flattering options, and you’re not going to tell a white lie when they ask your opinion of their latest crush. You both expect the truth from one another because you always know it comes from a place of love. 

9. You’re Starting to Develop Deeper Feelings

Your best friend might be more than a platonic soulmate if you start having stronger feelings. For instance, maybe you can’t stop thinking about how attractive they are or wondering what it might be like if you shared a kiss. If you’re noticing yourself developing these feelings, explain this change to your friend to determine if the feeling is mutual. After all, you don’t want to automatically assume your platonic friendship is turning into a romantic friendship if your friend isn’t on board. 

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