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Marriage Market Takeover

“Sheng Nu” literally translates to “Leftover woman.”

Today, Chinese women face immense pressure to get married before they turn 27. In many Chinese cities, so called marriage markets are a common sight, where parents go to post and match personal ads. A number of brave Chinese women have finally stood up to speak their mind against society’s labels and their parents’ pressures. A marriage market in Shanghai’s People’s park was taken over by personal messages from hundreds of independent women, stating that they want to control their own destiny. 

Matchmaker Christina sent this film out to the entire Tawkify team several weeks ago. I can say with confidence that the film moved all who took the 4 minutes to watch it. 

Some of the most notable highlights:

You are a leftover woman.

People think that in Chinese society, an unmarried woman is incomplete. 

“In our days, matchmaking was simple. You get matched. You get married.” 

“She’s just average looking. Not pretty. That’s why she’s leftover.” 

“Maybe I should give up on someone I love for someone who’s suitable.” 

“I don’t want to get married for the sake of marriage.”

“Even if I’m alone. I will be happy, confident and have a good life.”

“As opposed to the term ‘leftover woman,’ I have a great career and there is another term called ‘power woman.'”

“I’m happy being alone. I am free and enjoy the single status.”

“My daughter is beautiful. Leftover woman should be proud.” 

“I’m confident. 
I’m independent.
I love life.” 

Don’t let pressure dictate your future. 

This concept need not only apply to women undergoing this type of cultural and societal pressure. This concept applies to us all- male, female, young, old. We can either be a product of societal pressure, or a product of our own making. I hope we all not only find our own paths, but also have the courage to follow them. 

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