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Matchmaker Says: Be Open-Minded

Matchmaker Boon sent this video out to the team with the subject line: "Oh, the relevance."

We couldn't agree more. Watch One Girl Design Her Perfect Guy, And Then Meet Him. It's smart, playful and revelatory...

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(press play below)

Matchmaker Boon sent this video out to the team with the subject line: “Oh, the relevance.”

We couldn’t agree more! Watch One Girl Design Her Perfect Guy, And Then Meet Him. It’s smart, playful and revelatory!

Some of our favorite highlights: 

Tell me about first dates. What are first dates like?

“Ah…job interviews.” 

“If it’s an online date, I feel like…I become severely judgmental. When you have all this information and your not emotionally attached it’s like grocery shopping, ya know. But then it’s sorta the opposite situation if I meet someone in real life…and I’m like, ‘Oh I like you!’ – ‘Oh you’ve killed someone. It’s ok, we’ll work with that.’ (laughing) Ya know, it’s like–I’m emotionally attached! I’m all in. We’re good to go.” 

When asked to fill-in her perfect match wish list, Megan said:  “That’s my list? I get to write on that? How big is the pen?”

Her sought-after traits for Mr. Perfect?

“He is intelligent, savvy, forward-moving and loyal.”

“No. He does not wear jewelry. Ever.”

He cooks all the time because I cook none of the time.”

“His body hair situation is as much hair as humanly possible. Seriously.”

He loves his job, he loves me a little more.” 

“I don’t want to be a fourth wife.”

“Someone who feels set free by being in a relationship, versus imprisoned by my existence.”

“I want my life to be like the movie, The Notebook. Basically.”

The morale? Be open-minded. Megan is surprised that her “list” led her to a gent unlike her usual type. In her words:

“I basically feel like I don’t trust myself. I don’t know…I think dating is just this hybrid of something unspoken, can’t come out of a list–but also I think you just have to be open-minded.”

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” 
― Isaac Asimov


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