Matchmaker Says: Judge Not

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Original Art by Malika Favre

Original Art by Malika Favre 

What an amazing job to have. Everyday we hear about, talk about and breathe in love–from the first stages of crush kindling to the enduring “I do’s.” 

Matchmaker Cynthia shared this story with the team about her client, D.C., last week and we felt it contained a valuable lesson for all those undergoing the processes of dating:

Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge.

Let people surprise and delight you–that’s part of the fun, daters! And please enjoy the tale of D.C.’s 5th Tawkify date…

D.C. had a 6-date package. For the first 4 dates, no second dates. But all were “on paper” ballpark of what he was looking for.

On his 5th date, I threw him a curveball– someone outside of his stated age & looks preferences (too young, and too blonde). The date started off horribly and he was sure it was going to be bad—she was sarcastic, blonde, young, and a little abrasive. But he followed advice, and stayed upbeat and positive and gave her the benefit of the doubt, and totally broke the ice by telling her “wow, you are really direct. It’s cool, I like it.”


They’ve been kicked out of their brunch table by staff, moved to the bar area, and now they’re getting kicked out of the restaurant at 11:30pm after he cancelled dinner plans with his friends to hang out with her even longer. The date had started at noon.

They’ve been bantering via text since then, and he’s inviting her to a charity event. He’s not renewing because he’s so into her that he can’t give anyone else a fair chance. He’s smitten– says that she’s smart, well-read, confident, sassy, open, genuine, well travelled, sophisticated, passionate, hilarious, and mature. He couldn’t have imagined a better first date.

He says he learned a lesson about not focusing on his list, staying positive and suspending judgement to see what unfolds.

Match made. 


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