Relationship Advice for New Couples: Communication

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Sofia Uzquiano
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The early stages of a relationship are filled with excitement and vibrant experiences of chemistry and discovery — making this a crucial time that sets the tone for the direction in which the relationship will go. Individuals who understand this know the importance of establishing a proper communication style to ensure the relationship thrives, and therefore, will seek relationship advice for new couples in order to achieve relationship success. 

Relationship success is defined differently by each individual. It is recommended for each couple to discuss relationship goals in the early stages to determine compatibility and success potential. Those who take the following relationship advice into consideration notice strong communication last throughout the relationship and create stronger bonds. 

Relationship Goals Discussion 

Communication and honesty are essential to any successful relationship. The key aspect of establishing relationship goals as a new couple is determining whether both individual’s goals align before moving forward into deeper levels of togetherness, as this can also help avoid potential problems in the future. 

The initial relationship quality is determined by the expectations of both individuals. Success comes when both partners understand, value and support the most sensitive and important aspects of each other. In a new relationship, honesty and communication are the critical starting points that will ensure success through the first 30 days and beyond.

The article, Creating Good Relationships, suggests communication connected with interpersonal goals ultimately improves relationship quality.

Clear and Direct Communication 

Every relationship partner is different, and this requires flexibility in varying communication styles. The ability to communicate wants, needs and worries establishes a solid, mutual foundation. Implementing healthy communication improves intimacy, while learning how to resolve conflict develops trust.

There are three communication styles to focus on in the first 30 days as they lead to a healthy partnership that can handle deeper conversations in the future.

1. Active listening 

When listening, concentrate on being present. This entails being in the moment and reflecting on a partner’s thoughts or questions. Early on, partners share stories about their past – these can be engaging or not, but sincere listening signals their history is part of your future together.

2. Openness to differing viewpoints 

Healthy relationships allow for open conversation and acceptance of the other partner’s viewpoint. Some viewpoints are impossible to surmount, and a relationship might not be able to continue. Partners usually find differing viewpoints due to their personal experience, upbringing or culture – these are typically surmountable. Openness to hearing your partner, validating their point of view and actively listening might lead to a discussion that is constructive to the partnership.  

3. Intention to connect

Intentionally find ways to connect. A point of view, an experience or learning about a partner’s hobby can all translate into signaling investment in the partnership from a long-term view. A new relationship can suffer if disagreements become arguments, if the goal of being “right” is more important than the goal of being together, and if the focus is on the disagreement and not the solution. 

Relationship-Ready Rehash 

Following this relationship advice can assist new couples in nurturing and growing the relationship during the first thirty days. Tawkify Matchmakers have noticed their clients are more likely to achieve relationship success when they commit to understanding their communication style — helping them create lasting, meaningful bonds.

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