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10 Adventurous Date Ideas to Break the Monotony

Spice up your dating life and break out of your comfort zone with our top 10 adventurous dates that are sure to leave an impression.

Calling all adventure seekers! When your dating life needs a little spicing up, leave the dinner-and-a-movie night for later. Instead, opt for adventurous dates that are bound to boost the romance factor and give you both a memory to recount for months to come.

But how do you dream up a memorable date that will kindle your senses of adventure? We’ve brainstormed a list of some of the best adventurous dates out there, so all you have to do is prep your partner. 

Here are 10 fun, adventurous dates that can get you out of your comfort zone and break the monotony of any dating relationship.

1. Go Skydiving

Are you ready for one of the most adventurous dates of all time? Just sign you and your partner up to jump out of an airplane—with the help of a professional skydiving team, of course. When your dating life needs some spicing up, a healthy dose of adrenaline can help. Seeing your significant other overcoming a fear or succeeding at something that makes them nervous can yield feelings of admiration and respect. Plus, you’ll both have a memory to last a lifetime.

Skydiving isn’t for the faint of heart, though. If the idea of hopping out of a plane at 6,000 feet makes your skin crawl, you can always head to your nearest indoor skydiving venue to get a similar feeling without as high of a risk.

2. Rent Jet Skis

If you live by a body of water, try a fun, adventurous date by making waves. Head to your nearest lake or ocean that has water sports rentals and rent jet skis for a few hours. Feeling the spray of water on your faces while traveling at breakneck speeds can be such a rush. For a more romantic experience, consider renting a two-person, sit-down jet ski. That way, you can take turns holding on to each other as the driver cruises on the open water. 

3. Try Axe Throwing

Channel your inner lumberjack for an adventurous first date of axe throwing. But for this date, you’ll trade in the great outdoors for a safe and controlled environment at your local axe-throwing site. You’ll both get a great workout and probably have some laughs when you realize that it’s not as easy as it looks!

When you’re looking for sober date ideas, axe throwing is a great option. You and your date can have some healthy competition while trying a new activity. 

4. Play Truth or Dare

Remember when you played Truth or Dare as a teenager? Well, now you can play it as an adult, as a fun and unique date idea that’s perfect for conquering rainy day boredom. Challenge your partner to answering a truth question or a dare of your choice. Then, take turns and see how many laughs or groans ensue. 

This adventurous date game can also spark a little romance, depending on your preferred types of dares. Just remember that if you’re not playing at home, be respectful of other people around you.

5. Explore the Map

If you’re in the market for spontaneous dates, look no further. Well, actually, look at a map. For this date idea, you and your partner will use public transit. Hop on your local bus or train and choose a random stop on the map. Then, when you get there, explore the area together, stopping at shops, restaurants, or parks. 

If your town or region doesn’t have a robust public transit system, then just use your own set of wheels, whether your bike or car. Again, choose a random area on a map and head there for an adventure in a new area. If you’re in the car, don’t forget to make a road trip playlist with your favorite tunes.

You can even take this adventurous date idea to the next level by expanding your map to nearby cities or even different states, if you have the time and money to stay overnight somewhere. Romantic getaway, anyone?

6. Sing Karaoke Live

While you might have sung in a karaoke room with friends at some point in your life, chances are that you haven’t tried it in front of a live audience. Take your date to a live karaoke night at a local bar, and challenge each other to sing at least one song on stage. If the idea induces too much stage fright, then sing a duet together instead. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing that your significant other is right there by your side. (Bonus points if you choose a romantic ballad.)

7. Zoom on a Zip Line

For an adventurous first date, try a zip-line ride. Ziplining tours are located in just about every state—from Hawaii to Texas to North Carolina—so it’s likely that there is one in a fun area near you. Whether your zip-line adventure takes you through a tropical forest or rolling hills, you and your date will get a thrill from seeing the sights at very great heights with this outdoor date idea

8. Visit an Amusement Park

Nothing says romance like holding hands on a gravity-defying ride, sharing cotton candy, and winning a stuffed bear for each other at a carnival game. You can do all that and more at an amusement park, the perfect spot for a fun, adventurous date with your favorite person.

Spend the day at theme parks like Disneyland, Disney World, and Six Flags, or even water parks, where you can balance the scream-worthy slides with relaxing cruises down the lazy river.

9. Take a Class Together

It’s common knowledge that couples who try new activities or learn new things together can boost their happiness and strengthen their bond. But doing so can also spice up your dating life. 

Adventurous dates don’t have to involve extreme sports or overcoming a fear (we’re looking at your live karaoke). They can simply include an activity that’s new to both of you. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Sign up for a bootcamp and sweat it out with each other. 
  • Register for a themed cooking class and then try the recipes at home. 
  • Buy tickets to a paint and wine night, where you can pretend to be artists and take home your prized artwork.
  • Participate in a dance class, like salsa, hip hop, or tango.

No matter what type of class you choose, chances are that it will spark new conversations, a little laughter, and wonderful memories. If this is a first date, make sure to look out for signs of chemistry.

10. Buy Last-Minute Tickets

Stumped on what to do tonight? Peruse local events happening tonight and buy tickets to the one that sounds most interesting and fun. 

Maybe you and your date love comedy, and there’s an open-mic night at a local bar. Perhaps a music festival is happening at a stadium, and you found a good deal for general admission tickets. Or maybe a museum is hosting a nighttime event with drinks, special exhibits, and artist speakers. This is your chance to see new entertainment and have a spontaneous date while you’re at it. Your best bet will be to choose a weekend night because these nights typically have more options. 

Inspire Your Sense of Adventure

Whether you’re looking to refresh a long-time relationship or make a good impression with an adventurous first date, these ideas will help you break out of your dating routine, perhaps challenging fears and renewing a love of learning. Choose one of these adventurous dates any time you’re feeling in a romantic rut or just want something new. 

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