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12 Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas

Kathleen CramptonKathleen Crampton
Kathleen Crampton
5 min read
Published in Date Night 


    Planning a date night can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. What if you haven’t had a date in who knows how long and are feeling the pressure? Or maybe you’re in a new relationship and want to impress your significant other? For your next date, start in your sacred space–your home. We’ve compiled a list of at-home date night ideas that provide fun starting points for your next flirty evening in and prove that you don’t need to go out to get a dose of romance. 

    1. Go camping

    This is one of the most romantic date ideas at home for any outdoor enthusiast. You don’t need to reserve a campsite two hours away in the middle of nowhere to get a taste of the great outdoors. Set up a tent in the backyard, string some battery-powered twinkle lights, and cozy up under the blankets together for a romantic evening under the stars. No backyard? No problem. Pile up blankets and pillows in your living room to recreate the camping vibes but in the comfort of your own four walls. 

    1. Play a game (with a twist)

    While couples’ board games are always a hit, try something new by playing games like poker, Twister, or Jenga, with the addition of something fun: the loser has to strip one piece of clothing. Putting a sexy spin on game night gets the laughter, competition, and romance going.

    1. Take on a challenging recipe

    Choose a recipe that you have always wanted to try or been curious how to make, and attempt it with your partner. Do they have a favorite recipe from childhood that they’ve never made? Surprise them with the ingredients and tackle the process together. Have you wondered how to make homemade pasta or if baking croissants is really as hard as they say? Give both a try with this at-home date night idea: kitchen edition. Cooking or baking together can get the conversation flowing and helps you flex the teamwork muscle. Plus, you can [hopefully] eat something delicious together at the end.

    1. Play tattoo artist

    Put your artistic skills to use and schedule a tattoo-at-home date with your S.O. Buy nontoxic markers or body-safe skin markers and practice designs on each other, whether you create a constellation out of their arm freckles or draw a desertscape on their back. This out-of-the-box date night idea at home is also a great way to try out a temporary tattoo design before committing to the real thing.

    1. Spark conversation

    It’s never too early or late to get to know each other, no matter if you’re a new twosome or seasoned companions. But knowing what questions to ask can be cumbersome and even a bit awkward. Plan a date from home that’s all about making conversation. Create a comfortable environment (light a few candles and whip up a few drinks) and get to talking. You can purchase prompt card sets online or create your own questions in advance. You never know what heartfelt stories or chuckle-worthy memories will come up. 

    1. Plan a “fancy night”

    One of the best tips for a first date is to always look your best, and this at-home date night idea fits the bill. Even if you’re years into your dating relationship, getting dressed up, even at home, can help you feel confident and sexy. Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on a 5-star restaurant and a cool speakeasy, bring the tasting menu and cocktails to you for a fancy evening in. Dress your best, set the table, and either order in a delicious meal or cook one yourselves. 

    1. Book a couple’s massage

    If you both want a romantic date night without going out, why not bring the date to you? Book a couple’s massage with a mobile masseuse that provides in-home services. You and your partner can relax and rejuvenate together without lifting a finger (unless it’s being massaged). If an in-home masseuse is out of your budget, give each other massages.

    1. Read a book together

    Okay, okay, this home date idea might not sound romantic, but just hear us out. Whether you’re avid readers or not, picking a book together and taking turns reading it aloud to each other can be a fun, out-of-the-norm date experience. Try reading each character in different voices for a few laughs. Or pick out a steamy romance novel and see how far you actually get reading it.

    1. Cocktail night

    Play bartenders for the evening with a cocktail menu that would wow any drinking establishment. Create a cocktail tasting menu that includes both of your favorite ingredients or seasonal drinks. If you’ve been together for a while, consider incorporating one of the first drinks you shared together for a bit of nostalgia.

    1. Compete in a trivia marathon

    If you consider yourselves trivia hounds, this home date idea is for you. Test your knowledge and get competitive with a Jeopardy marathon or a trivia app. Just watch out–this could become  a weekly event to see who knows all.

    1. Make playlists for each other

    Remember the days of making mixtapes, burning CDs, or airdropping songs onto your friend’s phone? Whatever decade you grew up in, your favorite songs probably served as the soundtrack to your friend hangouts, your first kiss, or plain ol’ teenage angst. But no angst here. This date night idea gives you a chance to listen to curated playlists that both of you made for each other. To amp this idea up a notch, try pairing each song with a food or drink to make a unique dining experience. 

    1. Try a date night kit

    If you’ve tried all of these date ideas and need more inspo, try a stay-at-home date night kit. There are plenty of options available, from blind wine-tasting kits to pampering kits complete with body oils and candles to set the mood. Some companies even offer subscriptions so that you never find yourself on a Friday night at home with nothing to do.

    While binging a steamy drama show or watching a romcom is a go-to date idea for a reason, it can also become monotonous. Use these at-home date night ideas to make a memorable experience or create a date night tradition for months to come. And for your next out-of-the-house adventure, check out this list of fun date ideas.

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