10 Tips to Understand & Interpret Flirting Signs

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Wondering if someone is into you? Uncover the top 10 signals of flirting with our helpful list and learn how to flirt back with ease!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone’s gestures, words, or even a simple smile left you wondering if they were interested in you romantically? Well, you may have been experiencing the delightful world of flirting! 

But how do you know if someone is genuinely interested or just being friendly? We’re here to help. The top 10 flirting signs include sustained eye contact, coy glances, compliments, physical affection, playful banter, physical closeness, interest in hanging out, mentioning that they’re single, flirty emojis in text messages, and clumsiness or nervousness. Read on to learn more about each one so that you can be confident in the other person’s intentions.

What Is Flirting?

Flirting is a not-so-secret language of attraction that people use to convey romantic interest: think subtle clues and signals that can make your heart skip a beat. It’s all about dropping hints and showing interest in a fun and relaxed way with flirty jokes, charming compliments, and that mischievous twinkle in your eye that lets the other person know you’re digging them. 

Flirting Signs

Let’s get to the good stuff: the flirting examples that you should be aware of. Here are 10 signals of flirting and how to interpret and respond to them (if you’re interested, of course).

1. They Make Sustained Eye Contact

When someone is into you, they’ll probably make eye contact with you. And we’re not just talking about a small glance (though, more on that next). Sustained eye contact is a huge flirting green flag because it signals a desire for emotional intimacy and connection. In fact, it can even release a chemical appropriately coined “the love hormone,” meaning that it can spark arousal and romantic chemistry.

While you don’t have to gaze into someone’s eyes for minutes on end, you can return their eye contact at least for a little while to show them that you’re equally sharing in the moment.

2. But You Also Catch Them Glancing at You Continuously

Don’t underestimate the power of the glance-and-look-away. If you’ve ever been in a bar or restaurant and noticed a stranger staring at you and immediately looking away, that most likely means that they’re flirting from afar. This “caught in the act” scenario is a telltale flirting sign, especially if they glance at you multiple times. 

But the flirtatious glance isn’t just reserved for strangers. Say you’re with a group of friends and you notice that one of them looks at you more often than the others. This might mean that they’re interested in being more than friends. See how this dynamic plays out and if you notice this friend displaying any of the other flirting signals mentioned here. Then, read our advice on what to know before dating a friend.

3. They Compliment You

You might be thinking, “Well, giving a compliment doesn’t mean that someone is into me!” While that’s true, it’s helpful to think of this sign—and the other flirting signs in this article—as one part of a whole. For example, a series of compliments paired with a sustained gaze probably means they’re interested in you. If you notice someone giving you compliments on your sense of humor, style, and so on, make a note of it and see if you notice any other flirtatious behavior. 

4. They’re Physically Affectionate

Have you noticed this person touching your hand while you talk or your back while you’re standing next to each other? Or perhaps they linger in hugs a few seconds longer. These examples of physical affection mean that they’re flirting. 

Do these touches feel electric? If so, respond in turn. Just make sure that you’re comfortable with any form of physical touch before accepting it.

5. You Banter With Each Other

Another major sign of flirting is when both of you partake in witty banter. Teasing each other and adding in little touches of sarcasm in conversation mean that you’re both comfortable enough to be playful. These light (but not mean!) digs at each other also indicate that you share similar senses of humor, which can be a sign of romantic chemistry. 

6. They Move Close to You

When someone shows open body language, they’re communicating interest. But moving closer to you signifies romantic interest. If you sense someone intentionally moving closer to your body while in a group setting or while you’re talking on a date, you can definitely interpret this as a flirting signal. 

7. They Ask You to Hang Out Often

This one is probably the easiest sign of flirting to interpret because it shows spoken interest—and it’s hard to argue with that. When you notice someone asking you to hang out one-on-one, they want to spend more time with you and get to know you. If you’re both discussing a new bar in town or an activity you’ve wanted to try and they drop not-so-subtle hints at experiencing these things together, well, you’ve got yourself an admirer. 

We want to mention here that one of our best dating tips for introverts is to do an “activity” date. Try mini-golfing, go on a hike, take a cooking class. If you’re an introvert who might take a while to warm up to people you don’t know very well, take the pressure off of the sit-down conversation with a fun activity.

8. They Mention That They’re Single

If the person you’re with drops hints that they’re single, you can be quite sure that they’re flirting with you. Relationship status isn’t something you share with just anyone, so their sharing this tidbit with you means that they’re making it known that they’re open to dating.

9. They Use Flirty Emojis in Texts

What’s a sign of someone flirting with you over text? Flirty emojis, of course. Whether you’re communicating in a new relationship or feeling each other out before dating, it’s helpful to interpret the flirty text message. 

When you see the “face blowing a kiss” or “heart eyes” emojis attached to a text message, chances are that the other person is hinting at romantic interest. Take this as an invitation to respond back with your own flirty emojis, like the “smirking face” or even a good, old-fashioned red heart. 

10. They Seem Clumsy or Fidgety

Think of a time when you were nervous around someone. You might have spilled your drink, tripped over something obvious, stumbled over your words, or nervously tapped on a table. While these aren’t necessarily flirting signals, they are clear signs of someone who is nervous to talk to or be around you.

Rather than laugh at their awkwardness, make light of it with playful jokes or put them at ease with a touch on their hand. 

They Really Are That Into You

Being able to interpret the signs of flirting can give you more confidence as you navigate the complex world of modern dating. You can feel more empowered in your own flirtatious responses without the question of “what did they mean by…?” Get in on the nuances of flirting with help from Tawkify.

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