11 Tips for a Successful Video Connect Date

Our Video Connect dating introductions offer a convenient way of meeting your matches. Follow our 11 tips for a successful virtual first date!

Here at Tawkify, we’re excited to announce Tawkify Video Connect! Our Video Connect dating experience invites you to join our virtual date introductions. 

Using our human-directed, AI-powered approach, we’ll find compatible matches for you in your area and then set up a virtual date for you. After your 25-minute virtual date, you and your date will receive a survey. If both parties hit it off and agree, the Tawkify dating team will swap your contact details so you can plan your next date together! 

If you’re interested in our virtual matchmaking dates, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve gathered 11 tips for making your virtual first date a success. 

1. Use a Tablet or Laptop

Because your Video Connect dating call will be 25 minutes long, we recommend using your tablet or laptop instead of your phone. This way, you don’t have to worry about holding your phone in your hand the whole time or balancing it on the table in front of you, allowing you to be more focused and present for the call. What’s more, a bigger screen lets you take advantage of more features. 

2. Test Your Technology Ahead of Time

Try to work out your computer glitches before it’s time to log onto your virtual date. After all, nothing is worse than dealing with technical issues while trying to focus on the conversation! To help prevent a technical fiasco, ensure your laptop or tablet is fully charged and connected to the internet. Also, make sure all your apps and programs are downloaded and up to date. 

3. Assess Your Background

Once you’ve set up your laptop or tablet, do a test run and see what your surroundings look like in the camera view. Is there a pile of laundry overflowing in the corner? Or is your cat’s litter box in the center of the frame? It’s best to clear your space of anything that could be distracting—or off-putting—during your virtual call so your date can focus more on you and less on what’s going on in the background. 

4. Prepare Some Questions in Advance

It’s only natural to get a little nervous or shy during your virtual first date. If you’re prone to clamming up and forgetting things, then it might help to prepare some questions to ask your date during the call. Think about some open-ended questions that may open the door for thoughtful or insightful conversation. Also, consider questions that may help paint a picture of the person on the other side of the screen, like asking about their favorite place to visit or proudest accomplishment.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favorite first-date conversation starters

5. Think About What You’d Like to Share 

In the same way you ought to think about what to ask your date, it’s a good idea to think about the things you want to share about yourself. Consider answering your own questions and coming up with some interesting things that are telling of the person you are, such as your love of cooking or passion for traveling. Come up with some things that light you up or make you tick. 

6. Dress to Impress 

Sorry, PJs aren’t going to cut it when it comes to virtual Tawkify dating. You want to put your best foot forward, which means putting an effort into your appearance. You don’t have to dress to the nines, but it is a good idea to change out of your sweats and into something more presentable like a blouse or collared shirt. Assess your clothing for any stains and rips, and while you’re at it, give your hair a good comb and check for anything in your teeth. 

7. Be on Time

You’re not facing a commute to your first date, so you certainly don’t have traffic jams or road construction as an excuse to be late for your call. Being prompt is a big part of making a good impression, so be sure to log on on time. In fact, we recommend being ready to sign on a few minutes early so you have time to calm your nerves and prepare yourself for the big introduction. 

8. Stay Engaged 

Remember, just because you’re on a virtual first date over a computer screen doesn’t mean you can forget your manners. It’s still a date, which means you should hold eye contact, actively listen, and avoid interrupting. In the same vein, don’t sprawl across your couch, put your feet up on the coffee table, or check your phone because you might come across as a little too relaxed or, worse, uninterested or bored. 

9. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

First dates can be uncomfortable, no matter if they’re virtual or in person, so don’t let the small stuff get into your head. It’s okay if you accidentally snort while laughing at their joke. It’s fine if you get a little tongue twisted. And that awkward silence? Just let it pass. Chances are, your date is just as nervous as you are, so try to focus more on having fun and getting to know each other and less on any hiccups along the way.  

10. Encourage Yourself

It’s time to get pumped for your date! For you, that might mean blaring your favorite tunes and dancing around the room while you’re getting ready, but for someone else, it might involve lighting some candles and journaling before your Video Connect dating experience. Do whatever makes you feel good and confident, and be sure to give yourself a pep talk, reminding yourself that you’re deserving of finding love!

11. Have Fun

Yes, virtual matchmaking may be a little different than what you’re used to dealing with in the dating scene, but that’s what makes it so exciting! The experience is supposed to be fun, so give yourself the space to enjoy the process. And just because your first match might not be the one, that doesn’t mean the next one won’t be. Go into it with a positive, hopeful mindset, and you just might be surprised at the outcome! 

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