A Blessing Or A Warning

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    “We met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson.” Frank Ocean

    This week’s question is based on a concept you may be familiar with. Frank Ocean, Grammy winning R&B artist, phrases the idea musically above. Perhaps you’ve heard the more common quote: “In life, you’re either a blessing or a warning.”

    Perhaps a hard pill to swallow if the latter applies to you or to someone you loved… but often the truth, nevertheless.

    Can a life or a relationship be similarly boiled down to a pithy one liner? Could any of your past relationships be characterized in this way? And if so, who decides in retrospect? Does it boil down to choice or interpretation, or both?

    When you think about your ex, or perhaps even your past few exes, what did they teach you, (assuming you were willing to learn from success and failure equally)? About relationships in general, but also just about yourself?

    If you take the time to think it through objectively, we’re willing to bet that there are two big things you will realize:

    1. There is something they taught you that ended up (in retrospect) being a blessing in disguise.
    2. Even if you were not treated the way that you wanted or deserved, you now know what signs to look out for to avoid repeating this dynamic, in a way that you didn’t before.

    Every relationship–regardless of its duration or end–can be a lesson. But only when you’re willing to learn.

    Team Tawkify

    Photography by George Marks

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