The Best Advice I Can Give You

Valerie PresleyValerie Presley
Valerie Presley
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    This week I’m going to keep it short, but sweet.

    I’m often asked for dating tips and pointers. No matter the exact topic of discussion, the “meat” of my return message seems to boil down to one thing…

    Don’t sweat it. Don’t take it personally and let whatever issues or hangups other people struggle with define you, pervade your security, or rattle you. We all live inside our own hearts and heads — which means that any type of relationship with another human being will be complex.

    Relax. Bring the best version of you — commit to leaving expectations, past experiences and baggage behind. Come with the vigor and courage to start anew — and if it fails, move on. Start again. Live and love to the best of your ability and you will find a partner bringing that same dynamism to the table.

    The energy you emit, is the energy that finds its way back to you. So beam out some joy, confidence, and positivity! You may be surprised what comes knocking on your door.

    Love wisely, 


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