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Dating Instruction Roundup VI

Valerie PresleyValerie Presley
Valerie Presley
3 min read
Published in Dating 


    Volume VI of the Dating Instruction Roundup has hit the stands! What pieces of wisdom will this month bring?

    Look to these snapshots for quick, no nonsense tips that get right to the heart of the matter…a dating instruction roundup, if you will. 

    Enjoy these short, sage snippets of input and encouragement on us:

    …Because however exciting a new crush can be, making every effort to stay grounded is important too. In the early stages of a relationship, you can be at risk for “losing” yourself, and also for missing or dismissing cues (or warning signs) with implications to your potential long-term compatibility with this person. During this fantastically magic time, try to keep the following in mind: 

    (1) Live in the now
    (2) Hide and you will be found out
    (3)  Wha t will be, will be.

    (11/22/2015, Don’t Get Crushed)

    Having a fling with a native can introduce you to a whole world of local culture, beyond what you’d find in any guidebook. Yes, it is fun to traverse Rome and Instagram a photo of yourself “candidly” making a wish at the Trevi Fountain.

    But what if you could hang on for dear life to the musky leather jacket of your own personal Italian Fabio as he whisks you down cobblestone alleys on his motorbike to try the homemade cannoli at his grandmother’s hole-in-the-wall café? 

    The difference between being a tourist and a traveler? The ability to see through the eyes of a native. And (if steps 1 and 2 were followed correctly) your newfound foreign lover will help you experience his or her home through more than just the pages of a guidebook or tourist office. (1/15/2016, The Must-Follow Rules for Your Foreign Fling)

    Business Insider recently published an article based on the findings of Psychologist John Gottman’s 40-year study of relationships and marriage. Interestingly, this topic of study wasn’t widely examined until the 1970s when the rate of divorce suddenly spiked to unprecedented levels. Gottman was one of the early researchers in the field — culminating over four decades of research, experimentation and analysis. And if you asked him, Gottman would tell you that healthy relationships boil down to two essential traits:

    (1) Kindness
    (2) Generosity

    (2/7/2016, Love Science: 2 Traits of Lasting Love)

    …But how about this one:  Putting yourself first is important. This one caught us off guard. It seems to fly in the face of everything our mothers and religious leaders tried to teach us about love – that it’s about putting the other person first… right? Not so fast, say the experts. While being selfish and discounting the other person’s wants and needs will get you both nowhere fast, you do want to strike a balance. Apparently, it’s just as important to stay true to your own wants and needs and to make them a priority in the relationship.  According to experts, people who do so tend to have happier partnerships. They pursue their own interests and growth, which, in turn, also keeps them more interesting to their partners – who knew? (11/6/2015, Thrive or Dive – Relationship “Do’s” and Oh, please “Don’ts”)

    See you at the end of August for Volume VII of the Dating Instruction Roundup.

    Love wisely, 

    Editor, Heartalytics

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