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    The first one is: Do you have the answers?

    Forget the “Information Age,” we’ve officially crossed over into the (Too Much) Information Age. Fire up your desktop, your iPad or your cell phone and click into Chrome, Safari – you name it – and you now take for granted the bounty of information on any topic your imagination can conjure (and many more that would never occur to you) waiting to be discovered. From gardening to gargoyles, or parasites to politics (although some might argue these are the same). Perhaps more than all of these combined is an entire universe of content devoted to dating and relationships; it’s all waiting there for you – on the net, in the cloud… somewhere on a server in Bulgaria, summonable – literally –  at your fingertips.

    For us (while we’re admittedly a geeky, curious lot at Tawkify), it’s that dating and relationships lane we most keenly like to tool around in. Dating and relationships are indeed our thing. So you’ll often find one or seven us of us fingertipping around this sort of content at any given time (I know; tough job, right?).

    We are individually and collectively – at turns – entertained and appalled, enlightened and chagrined. But without fail, rapt. And we’ve discovered that as much as we love digging into intriguing new studies, articles, and opinion pieces on this continuum of relationship-related topics,  we equally enjoy the comments underneath such pieces that have been contributed by other readers.

    Some are hilarious! Some are snarky, or silly, or just perplexingly off-topic, and thus… hilarious in their own way. Others, just plain weird (but quite often in a good way.) Sometimes someone will offer that rare gem: a deeply insightful and thought provoking comment that reveals the piece we’ve just read in an entirely original way–which tends to send us down another theoretical road to explore in a later piece on Heartalytics ourselves.

    So we’ve decided to take you along in such cases a couple of times a week–with pieces inspired by the wacky, inspiring, confusing, and inspirational stuff we trip over –because we want to  see what you think. Each piece will end with a question, because the topic in question has got us itching to continue the conversation.

    So, please, jump in. As we like to say during our clients’ post-date-feedback, “there is no such thing as TMI” when you’re working with a personal matchmaker, so don’t be afraid to tell us what you really think. Perhaps you’ll inspire additional research, or maybe a survey to query the learned and delightfully opinionated folks in our database for their take, and maybe a follow-up article or two right here on the blog.

    Caveat emptor: Just because we’re tawkin’ about it, doesn’t mean we’re agreein’ with it. What it does mean, is that this topic caught our eye and begged us to take a deeper dive… which is (almost) never a bad thing.

    We hope you’ll enjoy this series as much as we’ll enjoy surfing to discover what crazy, wild, fresh, and infuriating content to include. Chime in on the first installment of this series here.


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