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Defy Single Shaming & Speak Up!

Valerie PresleyValerie Presley
Valerie Presley
2 min read
Published in Dating 


    Single vs. Alone

    These two concepts are not synonymous. Single shaming is a real issue that many singletons experience daily- from family, coworkers and friends. So, let me clear the air:

    Your relationship status does NOT make or break your success as an individual– and anyone who says otherwise is misguided.

    This is especially relevant during the Holidays. Who out there is dreading the “oh, why aren’t you married yet honey” talk from their grievous Great Aunt..? Eek!

    This is a unique time in your life. Once you are paired up, things are going to change. Your life will change. Your allocation of time will change. There is power in appreciating and enjoying this chapter of your life.

    SO– for all of our single friends out there, we celebrate you! Tell us why you love being single. PREACH by commenting below.

    Love wisely, 


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