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    Watch Tom try to find a date… offline. 

    “Life is a social game, yet today, personal contact is shared most commonly through virtual means. The screen of a phone, tablet or computer are the secretaries of our personal lives. Directed by Samuel Abrahams, the short documentary “Offline Dating” is a refreshing look at relationships from the outside of the virtual world, told through the story of one brave soul trying to find a date the old-fashioned way. Leaving himself completely vulnerable, Abrahams’ friend, Tom, offers up the proposition of a date with an honest, straightforward approach.” –Chase Pellerin, Gear Patrol

    We love this video. There is a profound authenticity to meeting someone as you are – as they are – for the first time – especially when you least expect it. In that moment you are discovering another person, figuring out in realtime who they are and – if you’re lucky – sensing that mysterious alchemy of burgeoning interest, maybe attraction. In today’s dating culture, that is a rare phenomenon. This is part of the reason why we plan introductions the way we do–to preserve and respect the simple beauty of one person meeting another person — in the flesh for the first time — sans preconceived judgements and expectations.

    So ask yourself: “When is the last time I went out on a date and didn’t feel I already “knew” the person by online means?” It might be time to take things offline.


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