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The Truth About Hookup Culture (2024)

Have questions about hookup culture? Learn about everything from what it is and where it started to current perspectives and how to navigate it.

In the wide world of dating, romance, and all things social, hookup culture is one of those elements that some people lean into and some people don’t—which makes the casual hookup landscape often hard to navigate.

Why is that? From changing social perspectives and trends over the years to generational shifts, hookup culture has changed and will continue to. Even with those shifts, it can be helpful to understand what it is exactly, current social perspectives, and tips for participating in and approaching it. 

So, let’s get started.

What Is Hookup Culture?

Hookup culture is a social trend in which people have various types of sexual encounters without expecting emotional intimacy or relationship commitment. Basically, it’s a no-strings-attached kind of perspective that some people—often, but not always, young people—have for their own sexual journeys.

Are Casual Dating and Hooking Up the Same Things?

Sometimes the terms “casual dating” and “casual hookups” are used interchangeably. While they sound similar, they don’t mean the same things. Here’s a quick overview.

Casual dating involves seeing one person, or a few people at the same time, without the intention of pursuing a long-term partnership, and it doesn’t necessarily involve sexual encounters. The main goal is usually having fun together with low to no pressure for making it official. (Learn more about casual dating vs. serious dating.)

Casual hookups are usually brief sexual encounters that don’t necessarily involve dating. “Brief” could range from one hour to multiple hookups with the same person over a couple of weeks. 

It’s helpful to understand the difference between the two terms so that you can quickly get on the same page as the person you’re interested in dating or hooking up with. As you’ll find out later in this article, communication is everything.

When Did Hookup Culture Start?

You might think that hookup culture is just a trend that started with more recent generations, but it’s actually believed to have begun in the 1920s when traditional courtship declined and people of different genders began interacting with each other socially more often. Casual hookups blossomed in the 1960s (and through the 1980s) during the sexual revolution, when there were newly accepted ideas and beliefs, greater accessibility to birth control and better sex ed, and the rise of feminism. Then, it surged again with the addition of dating apps.

It’s important to note here that perspectives of hookup culture vary across demographics, sexual preferences and identities, age groups, and social groups. 

Generational Differences of Hookup Culture 

As with many dating trends, hookup culture has evolved throughout several generations. What was once pervasive in American culture—especially college culture—might now be taking a backseat to dating with intention

Just take a look at #celibacyjourney on TikTok. With more than 47 million views, the hashtag definitely has a firm hold in current culture. It’s a sign of something larger happening among people in the young Millennial and Gen Z generations. Instead of emphasizing casual hookups, these groups are shifting toward individuality, commitment, self love, and romance. 

Some people say that dating apps and mental health are connected, and the Gen Z trend toward intentional dating might be a response to that. This isn’t to say that hookup culture is dead. It might just look a little different now than it did even 5 years ago.

Is Hookup Culture Unhealthy?

Generally speaking, no. But it often has a negative connotation possibly due to societal expectations (whether from older generations, religious groups, and so on). Like so many romantic and/or sexual experiences, whether hooking up with someone is healthy or unhealthy is mostly up to the people involved. 

Though hookup culture is a larger trend, casual hookups are personal. For example, what one person might look back on as empowering and adventurous, another might see as a void that can’t quite be filled. What you take away from casual sexual experiences largely depends on your mental and emotional health and your preferences and priorities (more on that next).

How to Navigate Hookup Culture

Regardless of whether hookup culture is “trending” or not, the reality is that it exists now and likely will into the future. It’s just another piece of the dating, socializing, and romance pie. 

As we mentioned, a casual hookup is a personal experience because people’s attitudes, preferences, and comfort levels can vary. But there are some general tips that may help you navigate this part of the romance world:

Practice Self-Reflection

Take some time to understand what you want. Before you dive in, consider what you’re looking for (hookup, casual dating, long-term partner, etc.), and be honest with yourself about your comfort levels and emotional readiness. 

You should also have an idea of your priorities and goals. For example, if you’re ready to settle down, it might not be the best time to participate in hookup culture, as it might distract you from finding someone with similar goals and priorities. But on the other hand, having casual encounters can be part of the process to self love and knowing what you want in a future partner. It truly depends on your wants, needs, and priorities.


Clear and open communication is crucial in hookup culture—and just about every other type of relationship. Always be upfront and honest about your intentions, boundaries, and expectations with potential partners. And make sure to respect your partners’ boundaries, too. Big takeaway: Everyone must be on the same page and enthusiastically consent to any sexual activity.

Prioritize Your Safety and Well-Being 

If something doesn’t feel right, pay attention. Always trust your instincts, and protect yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Participate in hookup culture only when you feel comfortable, safe, and secure. 

Be Selective

Try to choose partners who align with your desires and intentions, respect your boundaries, communicate openly, and treat you with care and respect. 

Have Self Check-Ins

Prioritize self-care and check in with yourself regularly about how you’re feeling. If you need to, take a break—even from dating in general! Give yourself permission to care for your mental and emotional well-being. Finally, make sure to do things that bring you joy and relaxation outside of your hookup experiences. Start a book club, join a weekly boot camp, grab a drink with friends after work—anything that makes you happy.

However you decide to meander through your dating and romantic life, it’s important to understand the nuances of hookup culture, how it might look different now than it did in years past, and how to navigate it. No matter what, reflect on your dating and sexual experiences and learn from them to help you along on the path to self-discovery and growth.

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