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Breakup Bootcamp: Valentine Edition

Valentine’s Day is a scary beast for many singles. It’s a reminder of what could be missing, of the relationship you desire but do not possess, and sometimes it conjures memories of love lost…

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Breakup Bootcamp, the perfect place to go when ex-flame blues flare up! A set of articles ready-at-command to contructively shift the oft delicate post-breakup heart and mind. Articles marked by our editor with the Breakup Bootcamp tag have been hand-picked to help in whatever stage of uncoupling you may be in.

Valentine’s Day is a scary beast for many singles. It’s a reminder of what could be missing, of the relationship you desire but do not possess, and sometimes it conjures memories of love lost. When the latter is beating down your Valentine’s Day enjoyment (and trust us, there are ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day solo), Matchmakers Mansoor, Morgenstern and Koenig have you covered:

Kimia Mansoor, Matchmaking Consultant at Tawkify

Hatch a plan!

Recently single and dreading this upcoming Valentines Day? Don’t fret. Luckily, this year the 14th falls on a Thursday. It won’t be difficult to make it through the evening, especially if you plan ahead:

  1. Consider organizing a work happy hour with unattached colleagues (and/or friends).

  2. Book that workout class you’ve been meaning to try. Pass the time by boosting endorphins. On a day you might be tempted to be destructive, actively choose to so something good for yourself instead.

  3. Feeling cozy? Set up a relaxing movie night at home. Watch that cheesy rom com in your best lounge wear and enjoy! You can feel the post-breakup feels, while also doing something fun that helps you unwind.

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t end Thursday…

Through the weekend, it may seem like every restaurant, movie theater, and Uber Pool is filled with cozied up couples. My recommendation: spend a day at the most casual place you can think of. Think, public parks! Basically, try to avoid any venues that require reservations, tickets, pre-planning and hubbub. Those kind of places are sure to be full of valentines in all their ooey-gooey glory. Doesn’t a day of sunshine and rosé at the park with friends sound nice? Make it happen!

Anna Morgenstern, Dating Coach and Matchmaker at Tawkify

Talk to strangers

Valentine’s Day can feel especially lonely for someone who is newly single but it’s actually a great day to go out with friends and meet someone new! Go to a fun bar and make a point to talk to a few attractive strangers. Surround yourself with friends who are also single and have a positive view on dating. Why on earth would you stay at home licking your wounds when there’s other eligible singles out on the town? Turn Valentine’s Day into an opportunity to play with your inner circle, and practice your pick-up prowess

Robyn Koenig, Certified Professional Dating Coach and Matchmaker at Tawkify

V-Day? No, celebrate G-Day!

“Valentine’s Day, no way! It’s Galentine’s Day on February 13th!”

Yep, Galentine’s Day with a “G”, an unofficial holiday celebrating our girls and the friendships we have with each other.  (Thank you, Amy Poehler for bringing this day to life for us!) Tap into the power of your fierce female relationships.

Gents, Guyentine’s Day is also a thing!

Whether it’s an ear to listen, a fresh cup of coffee to kick start your day or always having the one seasoning you forgot to buy at the store for your new dinner recipe… your friends have your back. Plan a G-Day celebration either with an impromptu cappachino date, wine tasting or even a virtual cocktail party online! Show them some love and appreciation for how much they love you and all of your crazy. Raise a glass (coffee, wine, your kiddo’s sippy cup) and say THANK YOU to all of your best friends.

Need more? Don’t miss this year’s Valentine’s Survival Guide.

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