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Year-End Heartalytics Survey Results


If you’re a little late to the party and aren’t familiar with the year-end Heartalytics survey, here’s the scoop…

Our Editor put together a survey the first week of the New Year to check-in with the Heartalytics readership. We specifically wanted to know what type of content you’d like to hear of and how often you’d like to receive new Heartalytics articles (every week, twice a month, or once a month).

We also used this survey to gauge interest in a newly pitched Heartalytics column entitled, Single Spotlight. In this column our Editor will interview and feature a different eligible single every month about their lives and thoughts on dating. It is our hope these features will help our readership connect with each other, the greater single community, and also highlight each interviewees alluring qualities!

We are happy to report the response to this initiative was overwhelming! We received over 200 ‘yes, I’d like to learn more about that‘ responses to the new column.

This is our official announcement that the first Single Spotlight will hit Heartalytics at the end of March!

If you’ve already submitted your information to be considered, thank you! Our editor will use a random contest winner picker tool to select each month’s lucky single. If you are selected, you will be directly contacted.

If you’d like to throw your name into the mix, submit your information, here.

OK, on to other business!

How often would you like to receive Heartalytics?

This was the opening question to the year-end survey, and the results were too close to call. We are giving our readers another chance to speak-up and break the tie in a quick 1-question survey. Whose side are you on?

Last order of business — we’d like to share what desired topics reigned supreme from the year-end survey.

Please note — We sent this to about 130,000 active readers and these results reflect only those who chose to participate.

Please note — We sent this to about 130,000 active readers and these results reflect only those who chose to participate.

We’re thrilled to learn you enjoy ‘dating tips in general’ as that’s our bread and butter! Second most selected topic, ‘from the male perspective’ is noted, along with ‘about matchmaking from behind the scenes.’

What are we doing about it?

New column, Guy Tawk, launched in January (yay!), We aim to have more content directly from male experts and readers in 2018 (including via Single Spotlight). This preference was originally voiced from a specific male reader last Spring and it’s clear the survey results reinforce that feedback.

Since hearing from that reader, we’ve only published articles on Heartalytics that have been written to speak to all — men and women. When article topics are more female-leaning (i.e. Meet Your Match: The Ideal Date Look), the article presents supplemental male viewpoint as well.

A new column about the ins-and-outs of matchmaking is also on the horizon — keep your eyes peeled for that. We are excited to share more about the matchmaking process with all of you!

We also have more on the horizon for our LGTBQ readers — don’t miss the launch of the new queer dating column, written by Cosmo Christensen!

Submit any questions and/or comments via the ask page to weigh-on on these results.

Don’t forget to cast your vote on how often you’d like to receive new Heartalytics articles — we will only be running the tie-breaker for two weeks.

Date on!

Your Heartalytics Team

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