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Welcome to A Single Serving Podcast: this is where we change the discussion around being single into one that doesn’t suck.

Sophy Singer is a matchmaker—a real one. She’s a natural connector of human beings who has spent years bringing people together, and this week she’s sharing her perspective and insights as a matchmaker with the single community.

— Shani Silver, A Single Serving

We love how this podcast opens, and we love even more that Brooklyn based writer and freelancer, Shani Silver, chats with our very own Sophy Singer in recent episode: Full Yenta Mode.

Insider tips: The interview officially begins at minute 3:48. Readers who’re crunched for time and already familiar with the matchmaking process, may like to jump to 41:50 for dating life topics unrelated to the former like: dating intentions, conversation topics, Tracy McMillan, sex, alcohol, rock n’roll (not literally on the last but you get the picture), and more!

In Shani’s words, Sophy is a dating “shock absorber,” and this particular episode is: A great listen for anyone looking to develop a positive and practical headspace around dating and single-hood.

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More on Sophy…

Sophy’s been there. Following the end of an engagement, Sophy went on countless dates, receiving mentoring and therapy while she was in the trenches of it. Over time, she noticed she was good at dating, and enjoyed the process—so much so that she developed a reputation as the person to come to for dating advice. She’s been working in the dating space ever since. Ten years later, Sophy is married with six-year-old twins. She’s been a dating coach for over ten years, as well as a professional matchmaker with Tawkify, going on 4 years now. Sophy has curated over 600 dates, serviced over 200 clients, and recruited countless singles into the Tawkify “Romance Rolodex.” Over the past three years, she has been rated five out of five stars in 63 unique customer satisfaction surveys at Tawkify.

In other words, she’s a rock star!

When people ask Sophy: Why do I need a matchmaker? What’s wrong with me?  Her response is always: Nothing is wrong with you! You can afford me. Other Sophy tips and tricks we love: “Let go of the outcome,” and, “I love making connections between human beings that can help them in life. Whatever those may be.”

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