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    A reader reached out last week via the ASK PAGE with a question that many of our clients commonly inquire about as well. 

    Radha, San Francisco matchmaker and author on Heartalytics, addressed this topic in response and we felt it would be beneficial to share her wisdom with the readership as a whole. 

    Question: When should I talk to a woman after a great date?

    Matchmaker Radha says:
    That’s a great question. My answer to you would be simply that every date is different, and that every person is different as well. There are so many silly rules out there – such as waiting three days to contact someone after a date in order to not appear too eager. I personally believe that there should be no hard and fast rules when it comes to making contact after a date. If the date went really well, there is nothing wrong with contacting someone the day after the date, even if it’s just a simple text message expressing what a great time you had, or to ask how their day is going.

    I think the key here isn’t worrying about how long to wait before contacting someone after a date, but giving them room to take time before responding to you. Once you’ve sent the first communication after the date, if they take a bit of time to respond, don’t overanalyze that or worry too heavily about it. You may have a busy schedule, and they may have a busy schedule as well. If they don’t respond to you immediately after you contact them, don’t send a series of messages before receiving a response, simply give them a bit of time to respond to you as you go about your own life.

    Dating rules have been created with solid intentions behind them, it’s good to be respectful of other people, but I also think that rules can sometimes get in the way, particularly if you really click with someone. Feel out the situation and the communication style based on who you are and who the person is that you’ve gone out on a date with. Most importantly, be open, honest, and genuine. Best of luck out there. 

    Thank you Radha for being the #CureForTheCommonDate!

    Reach out with any dating questions you may have and one of our matchmakers will send a little wisdom your way. 

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