Tawkify’s Bread & Butter = Our Matchmakers

Today, like most days, I was inspired by our team of matchmakers. Our approach to couple creation hinges upon their talents, initiative and knowledge. They truly are the oil in the gears that keeps this love matching machine in motion. 

The aspect of the team that I find most compelling is that each matchmaker approaches this job differently–there’s a little quirk to each one of them that sets the experience apart and creates an intimate bond between client and matchmaker. That is the most essential element of what we do–as we believe human connection is the missing link in today’s “swipe-right” dating culture. 

In honor of the bright lights that keep the matches rolling and the dream alive–please enjoy the following (additional) reasons we love our matchmaking team…

It’s all for love,

Kenneth Shaw
CEO & Co-Founder, Tawkify

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