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    Tawkify has officially entered the blogosphere.

    On a daily basis, our talented team shares incredible stories from the front lines of our work as weavers of love: invaluable insights about sticky relationship issues, our treasured clients and the nuanced art and science we practice known as Matchmaking. What emerges around our water cooler is a tableau of contemporary dating culture that’s begging to be shared. So I am pleased to be able to share it with you through our new blog, Heartalytics.

    We’ll hit on dating tips, (because who doesn’t want dating tips?) but also the myriad ways in which technology impacts relationships these days – for better or worse – and of course a mish-mash of sex, psychology, poetry, romance, and whatever love life issues touch on our hearts that particular week. You’ll also get a peek behind the curtain of what we do here, for day-in-the-life glimpses of our magical matchmakers, daring date designers and resourceful recruiters.

    Our contributors? Tawkify relationship professionals, whose preparation for the tunnel of love we navigate here daily ranges from certified SFSI sexuality educators, poets, psychology scholars, attorneys, yoga instructors and personal coaches. They inspire me with their expertise and keen insights, and passion (essential for the business we’re in) for life, love and their clients’ happily ever afters, and I hope they will in turn inspire you.

    Learn more about our Heartalytics columnists on our voices page, including ELLE Magazine’s legendary advice columnist (and our inimitable co-founder) E. Jean Carroll.

    Above all, Tawkify is a place to find your best self and your best match – and this is no less the aim of Heartalytics, so be clear that any and all personal questions are on the table here. Trust us, we’re interested.  Ask our experts any direct relationship questions you’d like via our ask page, and please keep in touch to let us know what types of features and coverage you’d like to see in Heartalytics.

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    For love,

    Kenneth Shaw
    CEO & Co-Founder, Tawkify

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