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    The “dating scene” has radically evolved in the last 5 years alone. Have you felt the impact of these changes on your dating life? The only certainty is that this pattern of transformation will continue. What does this mean for the modern dater and how does dating and technology intersect? Get the scoop on what’s new in the dating industry with our monthly Dating Industry Broadcast.

    The Dating Industry Broadcast series in inspired by The Staggering Research On Choosing Mates, in which Tawkify Co-Founder, E. Jean Carroll, collected the latest research on our trade and blasted it out to the whole team.

    Enjoy this month’s scoop!

    BRIT & CO, This Man Believed He Was Dating Katy Perry for Six Years Via the Internet, 8/21/2016:

    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship has been heating up as of late — so much so, in fact, that they’re sparking major engagement talk — but one man apparently didn’t get the memo: The guy who thought he’d been dating the singer online for six years. 

    In a recent episode of MTV’s Catfish, which sees victims of online dating identity fraud come face to face with their dupers, Spencer Morrill reached out to the show’s hosts Nev Schulman (who himself was once a “catfish” victim, prompting him to help others uncover their own cases) and Max Joseph to track “Katy” down after she mysteriously disappeared on him…See the full article at Brit & Co.

    BBC NEWS, Am I too dated for dating apps, 8/19/2016:

    Methods of finding a partner have changed dramatically over the decades (and indeed centuries). If you’re worrying that this ‘new normal’ is only for those who grew up with a smartphone, remember – digital dating is just the latest evolutionary step.

    THE GOOD MEN PROJECT, 4 Ways to Stay Positive When Dating Gets You Down, 8/19/2016:

    Remember: Dating is a journey, not a destination. Most dates don’t lead to long-term relationships. You might want to think of those dates as detours on the road to love. If you’re looking for love, you are searching for someone special, not just anyone.

    It takes time and effort to sift through potential matches until you find the person who’s right for you. Keep this reality check in the back of your mind when a date doesn’t work out: that date was part of the journey, not the destination.

    Keep your expectations in check. A person is not a profile, so don’t project a relationship onto a person with a well-written profile and great photos. Instead, approach every date with the attitude of discovering who they are, not deciding if they’re the ‘one’…See the full article at The Good Men Project.

    THE NEW YORK TIMES, Woman Conned by Dating Site Scam Guilty of Money-Laundering, 8/16/2016:

    A British woman who sent her life savings to a con man she met on an online dating site has been convicted of money-laundering for unwittingly passing money to him from other victims.

    Sherroll Foster sent 65,000 pounds ($84,000) to a man she knew as Mark Hamilton. He said he was a businessman who needed extra money to release 4 million pounds in gold deposits in Ghana…See the full article at The New York Times.

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