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What Did Your Parents Teach You About Relationships?

Team TawkifyTeam Tawkify
Team Tawkify
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Published in Religion 


    Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher  were married in May, 1924. They were together 87 years before Hebert passed away at the age of 105 in 2011.  His wife made the transition two years later (also at age 105).

    Before they were parted by death, they were asked a series of relationship questions during an interview. Some of their pearls of wisdom? The importance of being best friends before becoming a married couple. That respect, support and communication are needed to keep a relationship intact. And, although two people can accomplish a lot separately, they can accomplish even more together.

    It’s nice to know that true love can truly last in a time when we hear more about break-ups than couples whose bond is able to withstand the test of time.

    On the other hand, we thought… the pressure on Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher’s children to choose wisely in love and stay with their partners for a lifetime must have been significant. Countless studies indicate that our parents influence us in many ways – some we don’t even realize – in terms of how our perspective on adult relationships are formed. Are your parents together or divorced? In either case, were they happy with their decisions, or not so much…

    How about you?

    As you look back on your observations of mom and dad – and their connection (or lack thereof) with one another, what did your parents teach you about relationships? What did they model to you that you would apply vs. what you’d honestly prefer to do without?


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