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The Biggest & Baddest Dating “No-No”

This past summer, 100,000 people were asked what their dating "pet peeves" were. This is what they had to say and what can be learned from the results...

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Occasionally I find myself on BroBible, flipping through articles and launching into debates about their content with my husband. A word of caution– this site is not for the timid hearted. BroBible is for “bros” after all, and some of the topics are borderline offensive. However, some are also interesting, revealing and relevant to what we do at Tawkify. Such as the article I’m covering this week.

This past July BroBible featured, “New Survey Reveals Top 5 First Date Pet Peeves And Men And Women Both Picked The Same #1,” based on a poll conducted by the dating website, WhatsYourPrice. The results:

A Woman’s Perspective: Guys- this is what you shouldn’t be doing on a date.  
(Based on responses from 63,460 members):

  1. Cell phone use – 30%
  2. Inappropriate touching – 28%
  3. Rudeness to wait staff – 14%
  4. Negativity – 11%
  5. Excessive drinking – 6%

A Man’s Perspective: Ladies- this is what you shouldn’t be doing on a date. 
(Based on responses from 45,349 members)

  1. Cell phone use – 25%
  2. Rudeness to wait staff – 21%
  3. Unengaged in conversation – 16%
  4. Negativity – 14%
  5. Excessive drinking – 11%

Side-note: you’ll notice that men were completely unfazed by “inappropriate touching,” that option didn’t even make enough of a mark to display in the results. 

The top dating pet peeve for all was cell phone use. This applies to all people, on all dates, at all ages, of all sexual preferences– GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION!

You are on a date. You would think this was a no-brainer, but it clearly is enough of an issue that it’s the top pick across a survey involving over 100,000 people. We already use our phones to date, bank, shop, game, research etc… There are even apps that regulate your sleep cycle for goodness sake. For the good of all mankind, put your phone away and try having an honest, open, face-to-face interaction with another human being.

This isn’t just about respecting others (though that would certainly be reason enough). This is about respecting yourself. FACT: Every date you go on is an opportunity– an opportunity to meet someone new, to potentially fall in love, to learn about what you like and what you don’t like, to make a friend, to have fun, and to evolve.

Cheat yourself out of that and you are the one who has truly lost. Not to mention, you are being unspeakably rude.

Be a decent person and put your phone away.

And (of course) Love Wisely


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