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With a nickname like “Beantown,” it’s no surprise that Boston isn’t known as a city of love. And with most T lines stopping service at 1 a.m., it’s not always possible to have a spontaneous night out. Even if you meet a cutie at a bar, you’ll have to high tail it home before last call. You can thank the Puritans for that.

Despite all this, Boston was recently ranked as the second-best city for singles in America. Hundreds of thousands of people here are looking for their person, someone with whom to stroll along the Charles River or enjoy a romantic Italian dinner in the North End. It seems like it should be easy to find each other, right?

If you feel like you’re striking out in the Boston dating scene, you’re not the only one. A professional matchmaker could guide you through the process, much as Robin Williams guided Matt Damon through his anger issues in Good Will Hunting.

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Boston is a big city crammed into a small town. As one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, it’s no surprise that sorting through singles in the dating apps can feel like a herculean task. You shouldn’t have to swipe through hundreds of people who aren’t even your type just to find a few who seem promising. That’s where Tawkify’s team of experienced matchmakers comes in.

Our matchmakers’ extensive knowledge of Boston’s quirks and culture enables them to dig through the weeds so you don’t have to. From Somerville to Southie, they know the ebbs and flows of each neighborhood and are ready to help you find your perfect match.

When you work with one of our Tawkify matchmakers, you only need to go on one first date: your one-on-one consultation. By the time they set you up with your first hand-picked match, you can rest assured that your meet-up will have the comfort and clarity of a second date.

You know that photo of Ben Affleck juggling his Dunkin Donuts order, a look of panic on his face as munchies and iced coffee threaten to spill onto the sidewalk? When you’re a Boston single, that’s kind of what going on the dating apps feels like.

Using the apps may be how most of us get started in the quest for love, but it doesn’t have to be where you end. Tawkify’s team of matchmakers is here to relieve you of the headaches of online dating. Not only will working with Tawkify save you time, your matchmaker has the expertise needed to hear what you’re really looking for in a long-term relationship. That means that you’re not at risk of repeating old habits, like swiping on that person who seems just a little unstable but is oh-so-cute.

Most importantly, the other singles on Tawkify are just as serious in their quest for love as you are. You won’t have to deal with flaky dates or constant ghosting. Your dedicated matchmaker will vet potential matches so you don’t have to.

Boston is an expensive city, and the price for local matchmakers reflects that. As opposed to celebrity matchmakers who charge for their name, Tawkify’s team of experts offers a premium service at a lower rate. Working with one of our dedicated matchmakers starts at $4,000 per month, and we’ll work with you to design a customizable plan that suits your needs and your budget.

If you’re a Jew living in Boston—or anyone not living under a rock—you know all about Yente from Fiddler on the Roof. While Yente’s role speaks to the long and complicated tradition of matchmaking in the Jewish community, we can assure you that Tawkify’s team of matchmakers take their cues from you. In other words, they won’t be agents of chaos trying to set you up with the wrong person.

With the number of single Jews living in the Boston area, it seems like it should be easy to find the Perchik to your Hodel. And with Tawkify, it is. Our matchmaking experts have the cultural competency to help you find your most compatible matches. It all starts with your one-on-one consultation, in which your matchmaker will get to know not only your personality, but your beliefs and values. We understand how important both faith and cultural fit can be when it comes to finding the perfect match.

With 118 colleges and universities peppered throughout the greater Boston area, there’s no shortage of highly educated and successful singles here. If you’re one of them, you’re in for a treat with Tawkify. Our matchmakers do the grunt work of dating so you don’t have to. After all, you’re a professional in all areas of your life–why should you be on the lowest rung of the dating ladder, swiping through apps with everyone else?

If you’re looking for other elite singles, you came to the right place. You already have a full-time job, so let Tawkify put in the hours of hard work for you.

When you work with one of our matchmakers, you’re making an investment in the future of your love life.

At Tawkify, we know that love doesn’t always follow city limits. Whether you take the Green Line home to Brookline or get off the Red Line at Harvard Yard, our matchmakers will help you start a love train.

How Tawkify Matchmaking Works Boston

Our proven process for lasting connection (without a single swipe)


Meet a Matchmaker in Boston

As a client, you’ll be paired with one of our expert matchmakers in Boston, with access to matches in your area: from across the country.


Tell Them What Makes You Tick

Forget basic dating profiles. Your matchmaker will spend the 1:1 time to really understand you: your values, your ideal partner, your likes and what gives you the ick.


Get Personalized Coaching

87% say that coaching has improved their ability to date successfully and made their matchmaking experience better. All of our client receive coaching as part of their matchmaking service.


Sit Back and Relax

No more swiping. Relax as your team works for you, vetting and video-screening each of your potential matches. Once you are matched, they’ll even plan the date based on your preferences.


Start Meeting Matches in Boston

After every date, you can provide your matchmaker with feedback on how it went, to ensure you are only meeting people you click with.


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Tawkify is designed to find your perfect partner; you will have access to 1:1 coaching, private events, and premium relationship advice content from the experts. Begin your Boston love story today!