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New York City often gets all the attention, but New York State offers so much more than the bright lights of Times Square and trendy nightlife in Brooklyn. From the rugged outdoorsy allure of the Catskills and quaint villages in the Hudson Valley to the waterfront communities in the Fingerlakes and college towns dotted around Central New York, this state has a little something for everyone.

With so much to offer, New York State attracts people from all walks of life with different backgrounds, experiences, and interests, which can make the dating scene exciting, but also challenging at times. And that’s where Tawkify’s matchmakers in New York come into the picture.

Our professional matchmakers have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to help you find love in New York, regardless of whether you live in the Niagara Frontier or Lower Manhattan. They’ll sit down with you to understand all your dating goals, priorities, and preferences and then use that criteria to begin sifting through their database of eligible singles. Our matchmakers do all the heavy lifting for you, such as screening candidates and running background checks, to put you on the path toward finding love in the Empire State.

Find A Matchmaker Working Within Your City

Many assume dating in big cities like NYC is a cinch, simply due to the vast number of people that reside there, but that’s not always the case. In fact, a recent study just named New York City as one of the worst places for singles to find love! Now, if you can’t find a partner in a city as big as the Big Apple, you might wonder how you are expected to find a match in your rural town in the Southern Tier.

Just as any other state, New York has its highs and lows when it comes to the dating scene, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a successful long-term relationship in this part of the country. Sometimes, all it takes is a little outside help, and that’s why so many people are turning to matchmaking services in New York State.

Professional matchmakers in New York love a good challenge, and they’re not discouraged by the dating landscape in this state. No matter your location, values, preferences, or interests, our dedicated matchmakers are at your service, sifting through all the viable singles in New York State for you.

Whether you’re looking for a partner who will hike the Adirondack Mountains with you or attend protests with you in Washington Square Park, allow our matchmakers to help.

New Yorkers can’t seem to agree on the exact boundaries of Upstate New York. That said, it generally refers to a section north of New York City, encompassing cities like Albany, Utica, Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse. Upstate New York is a quieter, scenic area with small cities that are a far cry from the hustle and bustle you’ll find in the concrete jungle of neighboring NYC.

Tawkify’s matchmakers don’t just lump their NYC clients in with their Upstate New York clients. They understand there are differences between these regions that can impact the way people date in these areas. They then use this knowledge to help inform their decisions when interviewing and vetting candidates. Of course, they also have in depth discussions with each Upstate New York client to further grasp their needs and preferences.

From post-college grads living in Syracuse to professionals working nine-to-fives in downtown Albany, singles in Upstate New York are unlocking the potential of matchmaking services now more than ever before.

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Connecticut is celebrated for all its New England charm, but it also has close ties to New York State since they’re neighboring states. Given their close proximity, it’s not uncommon for people to date across state boundaries. For instance, White Plains, New York, is just 10 miles from Greenwich, Connecticut, making it extremely convenient for out-of-staters to date.

Because Connecticut and New York are so close to one another, Tawkify’s matchmakers most certainly can help clients in New York and neighboring Connecticut. In fact, they can even match New Yorkers with Connecticuters!

At Tawkify, we’re here to make dating in New York and surrounding areas like Connecticut as convenient and hassle-free as possible. To us, it’s less about where you’re physically located and more about finding compatible matches who live near you and align with your preferences.

Whether you live in Stamford, close to the New York border, or further north in Hartford, our professional matchmaking services are committed to helping you find love.

At Tawkify, it’s our mission to make your matchmaking experience a positive one, and that’s why we strive to accommodate your preferences. For example, if you’d prefer to work with a female matchmaker in New York, we’re happy to oblige.

At Tawkify, we have a full team of experienced and professional female matchmakers in New York with high success rates and proven track records. Each matchmaker will spend time getting to know you and your dating preferences while acting as a guide and confidant on your journey toward finding love. She’ll have one-on-one consultations with you, listen to your feedback, interview and screen candidates, and work tirelessly to pinpoint compatible matches who align with your criteria.

With one of our matchmakers in New York on your side, you’ll be well on your way to finding your forever person. Contact us today to learn out more about our professional matchmaking services in New York and beyond!

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Forget basic dating profiles. Your matchmaker will spend the 1:1 time to really understand you: your values, your ideal partner, your likes and what gives you the ick.


Get Personalized Coaching

87% say that coaching has improved their ability to date successfully and made their matchmaking experience better. All of our client receive coaching as part of their matchmaking service.


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No more swiping. Relax as your team works for you, vetting and video-screening each of your potential matches. Once you are matched, they’ll even plan the date based on your preferences.


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After every date, you can provide your matchmaker with feedback on how it went, to ensure you are only meeting people you click with.


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